Plane Crash: Trainee pilot lost control and two Japanese planes collided in mid-air, hundreds of people died

Plane Crash: Trainee pilot lost control and two Japanese planes collided in mid-air, hundreds of people died

On This Day: People can hardly forget this day in the history of Japan. Because on this day two planes had a strong collision with each other. In which 162 people died. Most of them were returning from a trip.

The plane collided on July 30 (Japan Plane Crash) – symbolic picture

All Nippon Airways Flight 58 Crash: There was an accident in Japan on July 30, which people have not forgotten till date. Here All Nippon Airways (NAA) Flight 58 had become a victim of the accident. This was a domestic flight from Japan, from Sappor to Tokyo (Japan 1971 Plane Crash). This incident happened in the year 1971. On that day an F-86F fighter aircraft of the Japan Air Self Defense Force (JASDF) collided with a Boeing 727 aircraft. Due to which both these aircraft crashed.

All 162 people died in this incident. While the trainee pilot of the fighter plane jumped down with the help of a parachute immediately after the collision. Which saved his life. Following this incident, both the President of the Japan Defense Agency and the Chief of Staff of the JASDF had to resign (All Nippon Airways Flight 58 and JASDF F-86f). The ANA plane was only three months old at the time of the incident. While the fighter aircraft of JASDF belonged to the 1st Air Wing of Matsushima Airbase. It was a Japan-made version of North American aviation’s famous fighter jet.

People returning from trip to Hokkaido

The F-86F was one of the primary aircraft on the JASDF’s inventory at the time of the crash. Most of the people on the plane were residents of Fuji and were returning from a trip to Hokkaido. Of these, 125 people were members of the same group. Among them were family members and relatives of Japanese soldiers who lost their lives in World War II (Plane Crash JASDF History). While the pilot of the plane, Saburo Kawanishi, had more than 8000 hours of flying experience. He also made emergency phone calls when the planes collided.

The plane was at an altitude of 28 thousand feet

ANA aircraft 58 took off from Cheetos Airport in Sappor. Of the 162 people on board, 155 were passengers and 7 were crew members. The plane was to land at Tokyo’s Haneda International Airport. After takeoff, the aircraft was flying at an altitude of 28 thousand feet in the sky. On the other hand, a 22-year-old JASDF trainee pilot and his instructor were practicing aerial maneuvers in their two sabers near Morioka in northern Honsh. When the trainee pilot was told by his instructor that the plane was coming from the front, it was too late. The fighter plane collided with the passenger plane, causing damage to the tail of the passenger plane and the plane losing control.

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