People of China are raising questions on Chinese vaccine, Nanjing city is in worse condition than Wuhan, millions of people are being investigated

People of China are raising questions on Chinese vaccine, Nanjing city is in worse condition than Wuhan, millions of people are being investigated

China Coronavirus Update: Once again the cases of corona virus are increasing in China. In the city of Nanjing here, people have to stand in long queues to get their tests done. While on social media people are raising questions about the Chinese vaccine itself.

Corona cases increased in Nanjing, China (Coronavirus Outbreak in Nanjing China) – symbolic picture

Coronavirus in Nanjing City: Corona virus cases are increasing rapidly in China. The situation in Nanjing city here has become worse than Wuhan. The virus has spread from Nanjing to other five provinces and Beijing. The state media of the country has given this information. Nearly 200 people have been found infected since the virus was first detected on July 20 at the city’s busy airport (Covid-19 Cases in China). According to local media, all flights to and from Nanjing Airport have been suspended till August 11.

Authorities have begun an investigation into the coronavirus amid criticism of its ‘failure’ across the city. According to the official news agency Xinhua, all 93 lakh people of the city and those traveling here will be screened (Coronavirus in Nanjing). In the post released on social media, it is getting to know what problems people are facing here. People of this city are standing in long queues at a distance of one meter wearing masks and are avoiding even talking among themselves.

Cases rising due to delta variants

Officials say that the reason for these increasing cases is the faster spreading and more dangerous delta variant. There is also a lot of congestion at this airport, so there has been an increase in cases (Wuhan Nanjing Coronavirus Situation). Ding Jie, a health official in Nanjing, said the cases were related to cleaners who worked on a flight from Russia that arrived in the city on July 10. These people did not adopt preventive measures. Due to which the management of the airport including senior officers has been severely reprimanded.

Virus spread in at least 13 cities

The department associated with the Communist Party has said that this is happening due to lack of supervision. Investigations conducted across the country have shown that the virus has spread to at least 13 cities, including Beijing and Changdu. However, experts in the state-run Global Times have said that they are hopeful that the outbreak is in its early stages and can be controlled (Chinese Vaccines Against Delta Variant). Local authorities in Nanjing say that seven of the infected people are in critical condition. Apart from this, questions are also being raised about the effectiveness of the Chinese vaccine regarding the delta variant.

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