Pegasus: After the uproar around the world, Israel's NSO Group took a big step, the government of some countries will not be able to use Pegasus

Pegasus: After the uproar around the world, Israel’s NSO Group took a big step, the government of some countries will not be able to use Pegasus

Pegasus Spyware: In the past, there was a lot of uproar around the world after the revelations of Pegasus spyware spying scandal. This is spy software of Israeli company. Which was said to be used in a wrong way. Now some customers of NSO Group will not be able to use it.

Israel’s NSO Group spyware (Spyware) (Israel NSO Group Pegasus Spyware)

Israel NSO Group Pegasus Spyware: NSO Group, the Israeli cyber security company at the center of the Pegasus spying scandal, has temporarily barred many of its government customers around the world from using its spyware (espionage software) technology. According to the news of American media, the company is currently investigating its alleged misuses. The allegations of Pegasus software being used to spy on journalists, human rights activists, politicians and many others in several other countries, including India, have raised concerns about privacy issues.

The ban has been imposed in response to an investigation by the Pegasus Project, a consortium of media organizations that reported that the company’s Pegasus spyware is linked to hacking and possibly surveillance (What is Pegasus Spyware). National Public Radio (NPR) quoted a source at the Israeli company as saying, “Some customers are being investigated. Use by some of these users has been temporarily stopped.’ According to the news of the independent and non-profit media organization, the sources did not name the government agencies or the countries which are currently blocked by the NSO from using its spyware.

Customers cannot be identified

He said Israeli defense regulations prohibit the company from identifying its customers. In the ongoing internal investigation of NSO, the telephone numbers of those who were identified as potential targets by the customers of NSO have been examined. The employee said, ‘We have checked almost everything, we have not found any connection with Pegasus.’ However, he declined to elaborate on the possible abuse that NSO may have come to know (Pegasus Snooping Case in India). The employee, on condition of anonymity due to company policy, said that NSO “will no longer respond to media queries on the matter and will not be part of a vicious and scandalous campaign”.

Investigation started on allegations against NSO

The Israeli government has also faced pressure as it regulates the sale of spyware technology to other countries. It has started an investigation into the allegations against NSO. The Defense Ministry said in a statement that Israeli officials “inspected the NSO’s office in Herzliya, near Tel Aviv, on Wednesday to assess the allegations leveled against the company.” The NSO employee said the company was cooperating fully with the investigation and wanted to prove to Israeli authorities that the people whose names appeared in media reports were not Pegasus targets.

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