Pakistan’s Taliban connection: Sends terrorists to Afghanistan, a conspiracy to weaken India diplomatically

I-cards of the Pakistan Army have also been found from the soldiers killed in Afghanistan. This picture is enough to expose Pakistan. The story of Pakistan’s Taliban love is not enough. It is also being told that Pakistan is forcibly sending students from madrassas to Afghanistan.

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For the first time in the history of TV in India, Business Khabar has exposed the Talibani connection of Pakistan. On the same camera of Business Khabar, the governor of Logar, Abdul Qayyum Rahimi, also made many revelations on the connection between Pakistan and the Taliban. Governor Abdul Qayyum Rahimi bluntly said that Pakistan sends terrorists to Afghanistan. Not only this, the people of Pakistan themselves are forced to fight with Taliban terrorists.

Unfortunately, Pakistan is not investing in Afghanistan’s development. On the contrary, it is helping terrorists. This is a 43 year old problem. Taliban terrorists are getting help from Pak Intelligence. Pakistan has once again been exposed in front of the whole world. There is anecdotal evidence. Despite this, Pakistan has been denying the help of Taliban terrorists. But on the camera of Business Khabar, the governor of Logar province of Afghanistan once again exposed the lies of Pakistan.

The governor of Logar, near the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, has himself been talking about how Pakistan has been ahead in the last 43 years from training Taliban terrorists to supplying weapons. Pakistan has been a safe haven for terrorists. The story of 43 years ago is Pakistan is the haven of terrorists, they have been denying. The world knows Osama was killed in Pakistan. The real face of Pakistan came to the fore in the bloody war between the Afghan army and Taliban terrorists.

According to the governor of Logar, the Afghan army killed many Pakistani soldiers in the war with the Taliban. Including a high ranking officer. The association of a Pakistani official with a Taliban terrorist is not new. This is happening for 43 years. Pakistan kills high ranking officer in Logar. More than 20 terrorist organizations are with the Taliban in the ongoing war in Afghanistan. If sources are to be believed, Pakistan has sent more than 10 thousand terrorists to Afghanistan.

Pakistan is forcibly sending students from madrasas to Afghanistan

Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorists have gone to Afghanistan from Pakistan. These terrorists are helping Taliban terrorists. Pak intelligence agency ISI is training Talibani terrorists. I-cards of the Pakistan Army have also been found from the soldiers killed in Afghanistan. This picture is enough to expose Pakistan. The story of Pakistan’s Taliban love is not enough. It is also being told that Pakistan is forcibly sending students from madrassas to Afghanistan.

Brainwashing students in the name of Jihad. By teaching the lesson of fundamentalism, these students are being sent to help the Taliban terrorists in Afghanistan. Not only this, students who refuse to go to Afghanistan. Those students are being arrested by making false allegations. being harassed. Pakistan’s attitude against terrorism has always been suspicious. The whole world knows that Pakistan has been a haven for dreaded terrorists like Lashkar and Jaish. Pakistan’s intentions were exposed once again by supporting the Taliban.

Most of the Taliban leaders in Afghanistan are Sunni Deobandis and it is said that Pakistan can use them against India. But there is also a truth that in the nineties, when the Taliban’s power in Afghanistan had increased a lot, even then it did not speak anything against India, especially in the matter of Kashmir. However, a lot of time has passed since this point and there are some questions which create concern. The first question is, what is the matter of concern for India in the current situation in Afghanistan?

India’s investment of more than three billion dollars in Afghanistan

The answer is that on the one hand terrorism can increase through Pakistan and on the other, India’s huge investment in Afghanistan can also sink. The second question is, what role can Pakistan play in this? The answer is that Pakistan is already playing its role. Training the Taliban terrorists is part of this. When last time also Pakistan helped Taliban. To make Mullah Umar a leader in Kabul, 11 thousand Pakistani soldiers were operating his ships.

The whole victory was due to the Pakistan army. Last time also the Taliban had won. Pakistan’s army has entered in the name of 10 thousand Lashkar-e-Taiba. There is also a question that how can Pakistan do its arbitrariness in Afghanistan, which will harm India? The answer is that Pakistan can train terrorists on a large scale and send them towards PoK. There they will get a training ground. Will make safe havens. Weapons will be given to everyone and terrorists will be sent to India. So that terrorists can do incidents.

Another important question is, what will be the impact of damage to India’s projects in Afghanistan? Actually this is what Pakistan wants. In about 550 small and big projects, India has invested more than three billion dollars there. Pakistan wants to harm them by using Taliban. So that India becomes weak not only economically but also diplomatically.


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