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Pakistan’s absurd statement in Pegasus case, accuses India of ‘spying’ of Imran Khan, demands UN investigation

Pakistan on Pegasus: The Government of Pakistan has accused India of spying on Imran Khan while giving an absurd statement in the Pegasus espionage case. Along with this, he has asked the United Nations to investigate the matter.

Pakistan PM Imran Khan

Pakistan on Pegasus Issue: Pakistan has given a cowardly statement in the Pegasus espionage case. He has accused India of allegedly spying on Prime Minister Imran Khan. The controversy erupted after French nonprofits Forbidden Stories and Amnesty International accessed a leaked database of 50,000 phone numbers that were allegedly targeted by Pegasus. Several reports claimed that not only Imran Khan but 9 prime ministers, 3 presidents and a king of other countries were made ‘potential targets’ using spyware.

Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry issued a statement accusing the Indian government of indulging in “organised espionage” of its citizens as well as foreigners. The Imran Khan-led Pakistan government made an absurd statement, saying it was a “trick” to “violate human rights” in Jammu and Kashmir. Along with this, Pakistan has called on the relevant UN bodies to investigate the espionage case, bring out the facts and hold the perpetrators accountable.

300 Indians included

According to media reports, the mobile numbers of 300 Indians were spied through the Pegasus spyware issue, including 40 journalists, businessmen, three opposition leaders and two current ministers of the central government. The database reportedly also includes the names of activists who are accused in the Bhima Koregaon case and are in jail. Pegasus spyware is developed by Israeli cyber security company NSO Group. NSO Group has also denied such allegations.

What did the Indian government say?

In the matter, Union Information Minister Ashwini Vaishnav (India on Pegasus Issue) said in Rajya Sabha on Thursday, ‘On July 18, 2021, a web portal published a very sensational story. Many big allegations were also made in the story. Speaker Sir, this report has come a day before the monsoon session of Parliament. Similar claims were made in the past regarding the use of Pegasus on WhatsApp. Those reports had no factual basis and all the parties including the Supreme Court had categorically rejected the reports.

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