Pakistan sending banned weapons and explosives to Taliban, getting Afghans killed, accuses Saleh of Imran government

Pakistan sending banned weapons and explosives to Taliban, killing Afghans, accuses Saleh of Imran government

Afghanistan Taliban: Afghanistan’s Vice President Amrullah Selah has made serious allegations against Pakistan. He said that Pakistan is supplying as much weapons to the Taliban as to the NATO country Afghanistan.

Pakistan PM Imran Khan

Pakistan Taliban Latest News: Pakistan is trying to organize a coup in Afghanistan with the help of Taliban. It is providing banned munitions and explosives to Taliban terrorists (Pakistan and Taliban Relations). These serious allegations against the government of PM Imran Khan have been made by none other than the Vice President of Afghanistan Amrullah Saleh. He also asked the question that who is behind the Taliban? It should be investigated. He said that we are under attack and on the other side of the line are his sponsors.

Saleh is openly taking the name of Pakistan and saying that ammonium nitrate is being sent from there (Pakistan) to Afghanistan. By doing this Taliban is killing innocent Afghan civilians. Saleh said that the amount of weapons and explosives Pakistan is sending to the Taliban is the same as what NATO countries have sent to Afghanistan. America is helping NATO by sending supplies to Afghanistan and NATO is a global alliance. NATO is in Afghanistan because it is helping democracy. So who is behind the Taliban?

Pakistan is cheating on foreign aid

The Afghan Vice President said that on the other hand, the Taliban is getting the same supply as NATO gives to Afghanistan. How are they getting this? It is not written anywhere. In such a situation, cheating foreign aid is like a leak in a pipeline or a leaking roof (Pakistan Afghan Taliban News). Afghan Vice President said that water droplets are disturbing your house. You can no longer do this directly under the roof. You have to climb on the roof to fix it. For the last 20 years, we have been trying to stop the water dripping from the ceiling. We have always tried to prevent water seepage by painting under the ceiling. We never tried to climb it up and fix it. Now we have to fix it properly.

Killing of Afghans doing Pakistan’s group

Amrullah Saleh further said that Afghanistan is currently under attack and has a sponsor on the other side of the border. Then he said that the roof he is talking about is Pakistan. Giving a stern warning to Pakistan, he said that he is not asking Afghanistan to do anything in Pakistan. The United Nations has also been told about this (Afghanistan Taliban Latest News). He further said that some pressure groups are killing Afghans. These groups come from Pakistan. In another tweet, he said that Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi is speaking on behalf of Taliban terrorists.

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