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Pakistan is now against America for China, Imran Khan said – even US pressure cannot change our relationship

Pakistan-China Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has accused the US of pressurizing it to take the side of any one country. He has described the relationship between China and Pakistan as very deep.

Imran Khan accuses America of putting pressure (Imran Khan on US)

Imran Khan on China-Pakistan Relations: Amidst the growing hostility between China and America, the attitude of Pakistan seems to be changing suddenly. Pakistan, which once roamed behind America, has now openly started favoring China. That too at a time when China’s dispute with India is increasing. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Thursday that it is not right to pressurize any country to take the side of any one. This will not affect the relationship between Pakistan and China.

Talking to Chinese media, he said that Islamabad’s relationship with Beijing will never change, no matter how much pressure is put on Pakistan for this. Khan said, ‘America expects Pakistan to support any one. But this is unfair. The relationship between Pakistan and China is very deep (Pakistan China Relationship). This is not only a relationship of governments, but a relationship of people with people. Whatever happens, no matter how much pressure America puts on, the relationship between these two countries will not change.

Quad group condemned

Imran Khan took the name of the quad countries grouping of America, India, Australia and Japan and said that it is like a competition of power, which will create trouble in the region. Khan said, “Pakistan feels that it is quite unfair for the US and other Western powers to ask countries like Pakistan to take sides. Why should we take sides? We should have a good relationship with everyone.

Told China to always support

After this, Imran said that when Pakistan was caught in political and international difficulties, or was facing regional conflict with its neighbors, then China stood by it. There is a special place for the people of China in the hearts of the people of Pakistan (Pakistan PM on China). The Pakistani PM said, ‘You always remember those friends who support you all the time. In good times everyone stands by you but in difficult times it is seldom and you remember such people who stay with you in bad times.

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