Pakistan 'instigating' the fire of war in Afghanistan, sending madrasa students across the border on war, watch video

Pakistan ‘instigating’ the fire of war in Afghanistan, sending madrasa students across the border on war, watch video

Pakistan is sending madrasa students to fight a war on behalf of the Taliban in Afghanistan. A video of this has surfaced.

Madrasa student tells black deeds of Pakistan

To help the Taliban in Afghanistan, Pakistan is helping it. Till now not much information about this has been revealed. But this time such an evidence has been found, due to which Pakistan is going to be exposed once again in front of the world for supporting terror. Pakistan is throwing madrassa students in the fire of war to spread terror in Afghanistan. At the same time, the students who are refusing to go are being imprisoned and various kinds of torture are being given.

Fawad Aman, who works for the Defense Ministry of Afghanistan, has shared a video in which students studying in Pakistani madrasas have exposed Islamabad’s ‘black deeds’. Fawad Aman has previously worked as a senior news anchor and presenter for Tolo News. Presently he is working with the Ministry of Defence. Afghanistan has been saying for a long time that Pakistan is sending terrorists from its soil into the country. It is also providing aid to Taliban fighters. Because of this, peace is not being established in the country.

What was said in the video shared by Fawad Aman?

In a video shared on Twitter by former news anchor Fawad Aman, it can be seen that the students of the madrasa are saying that they are being tortured. A student is telling how he is forced to sit in class and killed. Another student has told that she has small children and had come here to take education, but she has been tied up here. He says that a lot of atrocities are committed here and they are killed. The student tells that fifty belts are struck for one mistake. Apart from this, a student tells that things of jihad are being told here. It is said that one has to go to Afghanistan to do jihad.

Pakistan helping Taliban

Significantly, since the withdrawal of foreign forces, there has been a fierce war between the Taliban and Afghan security forces in major cities of the country. The Taliban have captured a major border crossing in Afghanistan. One such border crossing is Spin Boldak, where Afghan security forces accused Pakistan of helping the Taliban. Afghan security forces said that Pakistan did not allow them to conduct air strikes from its territory. However, Pakistan denied the allegations against it. But looking at Pakistan’s track record, it seems difficult to believe it.

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