Pakistan Coronavirus: Government strict on people who do not get vaccine in Pakistan, ban on domestic air travel

Pakistan Coronavirus: Government strict on people who do not get vaccine in Pakistan, ban on domestic air travel

Pakistan Coronavirus: Amidst increasing cases of corona virus in Pakistan, restrictions are being tightened so that the infection can be prevented from spreading. Now domestic air travel has been banned for people who have not been vaccinated.

People of Pakistan cannot travel by domestic air without vaccination (Pakistan Coronavirus Update) – symbolic picture

Pakistan Coronavirus News: The cases of corona virus are increasing rapidly in Pakistan, due to which the government has started tightening the restrictions. According to a document of the National Command and Operation Center (NCOC), it has now been decided that people of 18 years or above who have not yet vaccinated, cannot do domestic air travel from August 1. Will find However, the government has given exemption to people coming from abroad in the restrictions.

According to this document of NCOC, ‘These restrictions are applicable only on domestic air travel. Those who go abroad from Pakistan or come to Pakistan from abroad are exempted from these restrictions. It has been said by the NCOC that now it will be mandatory to show the certificate of vaccination for domestic air travel (Pakistan Domestic Air Travel Rule). Along with this, people have been told that if they do not want to face trouble during the journey, then get the vaccine.

Requesting people to get the vaccine

It has been said on Twitter on behalf of the NCOC that it is implementing these restrictions so that people can get the vaccine against COVID-19. In the tweet, ACOC has said that from August 1, it will be mandatory for passengers traveling by domestic air to show certificate of COVID-19 vaccination (NCOC Pakistan). ‘So get the vaccine done by July 31 so that you too can get a certificate of vaccine.’ The total number of corona cases in this country has crossed the one million mark and the more lethal delta variant is believed to be responsible behind the increasing cases.

Very bad situation in Karachi

The situation in Pakistan has become very bad. Hospitals especially in Karachi are full of patients and people are being sent back without treatment (Karachi Coronavirus). After which the hospitals here have been warned not to refuse to treat the patients. The situation is that despite having hospital facilities, they are not treating. Karachi’s administrator Laek Ahmed had visited the city’s third major government hospital. There he saw that the newly built COVID-19 ward was not being operated at all.

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