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Pakistan: Administrative control of historic Katasraj temple entrusted to ETPB, repairs will begin soon

ETPB Deputy Director Faraj Abbas said, in view of the Supreme Court’s decision, administrative control of the historic Katasraj temples has been withdrawn from the Punjab government after 15 years and handed over to the ETPB.

Katasraj Temple

Administrative control of the historic Katas Raj Temples in Pakistan has been handed over to the Evacuee Trust Property (ETPB), a unit of the federal government. ETPB looks after the religious places of minorities in Pakistan. Katasraj is one of the holiest places of Hindus in Pakistan’s Punjab province (Punjab). These temples are located near Katas Pond, which is considered very sacred by the devotees.

ETPB Deputy Director Fraz Abbas said on Sunday, “In view of the Supreme Court’s decision, the administrative control of the historic Katasraj temples has been withdrawn from the Punjab government after 15 years to the ETPB.” A related ceremony took place in Katasraj on Saturday. Abbas has been appointed the administrator of the Katasraj temple complex. Please tell that in the year 2006, Pervez Musharraf government had taken administrative control of Katasraj from ETPB and handed it over to the Punjab government.

Repair work will start in the temple from next week

The Supreme Court of Pakistan ordered in February this year that the administrative control of the Katasraj temple complex should be given to the ETPB. Abbas told that the ETPB has planned to start the work of repairing all the seven small temples present in the Katasraj courtyard. He said, on the direction of ETPB chairman Dr. Aamir Ahmed, we will start the repair work of seven small temples (Shiva complex temple) in Katasraj from next week. In addition, plaques will be placed describing the historical significance of each temple.

Every year 200 Indian Hindus visit Katasraj Temple

Faraj Abbas said, from next week we will also start cleanliness work in Katasraj. We will also put sign boards on the roads leading to Katasraj. Abbas said that when Hindus of India come to visit Katasraj temples this November, they will see a significant change here. He said, a small bridge will also be constructed inside the Katasraj temple, which was broken for some time. The narrow pathways inside the temple, which were earlier closed, will be reopened. Let us know that every year a batch of 200 Indian Hindus reach Katasraj temple in November and January.

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