NSO claims, ‘Due to technology like Pegasus, people are able to sleep peacefully in the world’, said- we do not have access to any data

An NSO spokesperson has said that the company neither operates this technology nor does it have access to customer data.

NSO denies espionage reports

Israel’s cyber security company NSO Group has defended itself amid controversies over spy software Pegasus, claiming that millions of people around the world sleep at night due to providing the technology to intelligence and law enforcement agencies. Can sleep peacefully and be safe. The company also said that it does not operate the technology nor does it have access to the data collected by its customers.

The alleged use of Pegasus software to spy on journalists, human rights activists, politicians and others in several countries, including India, has raised concerns over privacy issues. According to the International Media Association, politicians, human rights activists and journalists, among others, were targeted through spyware sold by the Israeli company to various governments.

This type of technology protects against terrorist incidents

An NSO spokesperson claimed, “It is due to Pegasus and other such technology that millions of people in the world are able to sleep peacefully at night and get out on the streets safely.” With such technology, intelligence and law enforcement agencies are able to prevent crime, terrorist incidents by detecting the information hidden under the encrypted app.

“NSO, along with many other cyber intelligence companies in the world, provides cyber security tools to governments because law enforcement agencies do not have robust systems and regulatory solutions to monitor suspicious content on messaging and social media,” the company said. Huh.’

Prohibition on use other than ‘preventing crime and terrorism’

On the controversy over this worldwide spy software, the spokesperson said, “NSO does not operate the technology nor do we have the facility to view the collected data.” “We are doing our best to help create a safer world,” he said. In a written reply to news agency PTI-Bhasha in October 2019, NSO had said in a written reply to news agency PTI-language regarding software misuse, “Our products are not under contract except to prevent serious crimes and terrorism. Use is prohibited.

Committee to review allegations of abuse

The company had said, ‘If we find any misuse of the software, then we take action. This technology is rooted in the protection of human rights. It includes the right to life, security and integrity. We have sought to adhere to the United Nations Guiding Principles on Trade and Human Rights to ensure that our products respect all fundamental human rights. The company said that this trend continues even today.

Without confirming or denying that the software was sold to India, the company said its “products are licensed to government intelligence and law enforcement agencies with the sole purpose of preventing and investigating terror and serious crime.” Amid the latest controversy, Israel has set up a committee to review NSO Group’s allegations of misuse of surveillance software and has indicated a “review of the entire licensing issue”.

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