Now nature's attack on Afghanistan!  80 houses destroyed due to flood 150 people missing, 40 dead

Now nature’s attack on Afghanistan! 80 houses destroyed due to flood 150 people missing, 40 dead

40 people have died, while 150 people have gone missing due to the floods in the Nuristan province of Afghanistan.

A man removes wet soil after floods in Afghanistan (File Photo)

The troubles of war-torn Afghanistan are not taking the name of diminishing. More than 80 houses have been destroyed in Kamdish district of Nuristan province of Afghanistan due to the flash floods in Afghanistan late on Wednesday. 150 people have gone missing due to this flood. The head of the provincial council, Saeedullah Nuristani, has given this information. He said the bodies of 40 people have been found and 150 people have gone missing.

Earlier, in May also, the havoc of floods was seen in Afghanistan. During that time, due to the rain that had been happening for a week, there was a flood and 78 people died due to it. The country’s National Disaster Management Authority (ANDMA) gave this information. Due to the flood, many houses were destroyed and more than 30 people were injured due to its grip. The country’s disaster agency had said that 17 provinces of Afghanistan were badly affected due to the heavy rains for the last one week. Waterlogging was also seen due to incessant rains.

Warning of heavy rain was already given

It was reported that about 2,600 residential houses were partially or completely destroyed due to the floods and 3,600 animals were killed. Apart from this, transportation routes and more than 5000 acres of agricultural land were destroyed. The Meteorological Department of the Afghanistan Civil Aviation Authority had warned of thunderstorms, heavy rain and flash floods in large areas of the country. A report from the US Famine Early Warning System network said more than 3 inches (76 mm) of rain was possible in some areas. This is the reason that once again there was heavy rain and floods on Wednesday.

Two lakh people affected by floods in 2019

Summer floods are becoming a recurring threat to Afghanistan. A similar flood last year had claimed over 150 lives and displaced around 500 families in August. According to the UN’s Office of Emergency Assistance (OCHA), the country experienced severe floods in 2019, destroying more than 10,000 homes and affecting nearly 2 lakh people. Badly troubled by the increasing influence of the Taliban, even nature is no longer supporting Afghanistan.

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