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Nirav Modi’s ‘trickery’ continues, appeal filed against extradition of India to London High Court

Nirav Modi has filed an appeal against extradition of India to the London High Court.

Nirav Modi (File Photo)

Fugitive diamond trader Nirav Modi has filed an appeal in the London High Court against extradition to India. Significantly, the British Home Minister Priti Patel had approved to extradite the fugitive businessman to India last month. But fearing extradition to India, Nirav Modi’s hands and feet have started blooming. Because of this, he is now busy playing tricks.

According to the news of Times of India, Nirav Modi is accused of scam of Rs 14,000 crore with Punjab National Bank. The 50-year-old businessman has been lodged in Vandavarstha jail since he was arrested on 19 March 2019 in London. India wants to extradite Nirav Modi and prosecute him in the PNB scam. Apart from this, Nirav is also booked for money laundering, interfering in CBI investigation, disappearing evidence and threatening witnesses. Those the government wants to prosecute. However, the fugitive businessman has denied these allegations.

The judge had admitted that the main accused in the scam is Nirav Modi

Let us tell you that on February 25, District Judge Sam Gooji sent Nirav’s case to Home Minister Preeti Patel. Patel had to decide whether to extradite the businessman to India. The judge said that he fully believes that Nirav Modi is the main accused in the fraud case. He also found that despite his poor mental health in jail, Nirav’s extradition would not be unjust or oppressive. Judge Gooji said that the extradition of the accused would be compatible with the European Convention on Human Rights.

The judge will decide to hear the appeal

The Administrative Court of the London High Court on Friday said that Nirav Modi’s application has been received on 28 April. He has appealed against the judgments of Judge Gooji and Patel. At the same time, it has been told about this appeal that a judge will decide whether to allow the hearing on the appeal. This may take several months. If the judge refuses to allow the appeal, Nirav can hold an oral hearing to argue why he should be allowed.

Nirav Modi will be extradited to India 28 days after the appeal is dismissed

If the judges decide to grant permission on appeal, then they will have to decide on what basis they should be allowed. After this, three judges will hear the appeal, which may take several months. If Nirav Modi does not get permission, then he cannot knock the door of the Supreme Court. He will have only the option of the European Court of Human Rights. If he does not appeal to the European Court, he will be extradited 28 days after his appeal is dismissed.

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