NASA Sun: NASA shared the amazing view of 'Sun', the sun blazing very close in VIDEO, why is it so special?

NASA Sun: NASA shared the amazing view of ‘Sun’, the sun blazing very close in VIDEO, why is it so special?

NASA Sun Video: American space agency NASA has shared a very great video. In which a blazing sun can be seen very closely. Millions of people have watched this video so far.

Video of Coronal Mass Ejection (Sun Coronal Mass Ejection) Photo – NASA

Sun Coronal Mass Ejection Video of NASA: Sun has always been full of mystery and people are also curious to know about it. Through advanced technology, now it has become much easier for scientists to get information related to it. Along with this, access to information of people through social media handles and pages of space agencies has become much easier than before. Now the US space agency NASA has shared a video on its official Instagram account. In which a coronal mass ejection (CME) is shown on the surface of the Sun.

NASA wrote in the caption with this video, ‘Solar system review done by us? One star – Sun. This is a very beautiful star. Coronal mass ejection or CME can be seen in this image of the Sun. These massive waves of solar plasma release billions of particles into space at speeds of about 1 million miles, or 1,600,000 kilometers per hour (NASA Post on Sun Goes Viral). But these solar flares can also cause temporary communication and navigation blackouts.

How dangerous can CME be?

NASA has further explained in this post that in the year 2013, our Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) had seen this particular CME. It was seen in the very bright ultraviolet light, but then it did not go towards Earth. But if it goes towards the earth, then it can also prove to be dangerous. This can cause power lines to trip and shut down. This can stop the flow of electricity around the world (Sun Coronal Mass Ejection). However, it is now easier to get information about space weather through various labs. Due to which no danger can come on the earth.

Solar storm is also very dangerous

Like these waves of the sun, solar storms are no less dangerous. Solar storms originate from the surface of the Sun. Due to which the outer atmosphere of the Earth can be heated (Sun Storm). This directly affects the satellites. Due to this there may also be problems in GPS navigation, mobile phone signal and satellite TV. In addition, solar storms can affect power lines, causing transformers to blow up. But this is rarely seen because the Earth’s magnetic field prevents it and acts as a protective shield against it.

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