NASA shared video of 13 billion year old galaxy data, different sound coming out of every light, why is it so special?

NASA Galaxy: America’s space agency NASA has shared a video of a very special galaxy on its Instagram and Twitter accounts. In this, various galaxies are being known through sound and light. The video has been captured by the Hubble Telescope.

Galaxy Data (NASA Galax Data)

NASA Galaxy Light Video: The US space agency NASA has released a 13-billion-year-old video of the Galaxy’s data, which everyone is surprised to see. This video is also attracting a lot of attention on social media. It can be heard as well as seen. In this, NASA has shown the origin of the Galaxy (Billion’s of Year Old Galaxy) in 13 billion years through sound (NASA Galaxy Database). The video has been captured by NASA’s Hubble Telescope, which has been seen by millions of people so far. It has been shared on Instagram and Twitter.

Hubble’s ultra deep field photo shows several galaxies through sound. When the glow appears in the video, we can hear each galaxy in a different voice (Galaxy Sound Video on NASA). The farther away the galaxy is, the longer it will take for its light to reach Hubble. The Hubble Telescope was launched by NASA and the European Space Agency in April 1990. He was sent to space via Space Shuttle Discovery.

Video of coronal mass ejection?

This telescope was named ‘Hubble’ in honor of American astronomer Edwin Ponwell Hubble. This is the only telescope that was designed by NASA only for space. The 13.2 meter long telescope weighs 11,000 kg (NASA Galaxy Lights Directions). It is orbiting the Earth’s low orbit. Earlier, NASA also released a video of the Sun. This video shows the coronal mass ejection (CME) on the surface of the Sun.

CME can also harm

On this video, NASA had told that these waves of solar plasma are sending billions of particles into space, whose intensity is 160,000 kilometers per hour. NASA also said in 2013 that its Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) had observed this CME in extreme ultraviolet light but it was not pointing towards Earth. Along with this, NASA also told how dangerous CME is (Solar Waves CME NASA). Solar waves created by powerful bursts of radiation on the surface of the Sun can temporarily damage communication and navigation systems.

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