Myanmar's military government struts, ASEAN nominated special envoy, but still waiting for approval

Myanmar’s military government struts, ASEAN nominated special envoy, but still waiting for approval

Myanmar News: In the month of February in Myanmar, the army toppled the elected government and took all the powers in its hands by imposing emergency in the country. Now the ASEAN organization has nominated a special envoy.

Designated Special Envoy for Myanmar (ASEAN Special Envoy Myanmar) – symbolic photo

Myanamr ASEAN Special Envoy: ASEAN foreign ministers have selected a special envoy to help Myanmar reeling under a political crisis, but are awaiting the approval of the military-ruled country’s leaders before announcing the name. The Foreign Ministers of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) have named Brunei’s Deputy Foreign Minister Eriwan Yusuf as Myanmar’s special envoy. Two ASEAN diplomats told that this decision has been agreed at the annual meeting on Monday.

Myanmar has not yet commented on the election of the envoy. Because of this, the ministers did not announce the name after the press conference. ASEAN consists of 10 countries. International pressure is mounting to end the political crisis in Myanmar, where the military came to power in February by overthrowing the elected government of Aung San Suu Kyi. No special envoy can be appointed without Myanmar’s approval.

ASEAN ministers putting pressure on Myanmar

It is currently unclear why Myanmar has not responded to the proposed name. A diplomat said that ASEAN ministers are pressurizing Myanmar so that the special envoy can start his work as soon as possible (Myanmar Military Government News). An ASEAN diplomat said Myanmar preferred the name of Thailand’s candidate Wirasakdi Futrakul. Futrakul was also Thailand’s envoy to Myanmar in the past.

army brutally killed people

Myanmar’s military government has committed brutal acts of disregard for rules since coming to power. The demonstrators were killed by shooting them directly in the head. The army has killed more than 800 people. While more than two thousand people have been detained (Current Situation of Myanmar). At present, this country is facing the corona virus epidemic. Things were normal in the country last year as the elected government controlled the virus. But during the time of military rule, there has been a shortage of even medical oxygen and essential medicines in the midst of the epidemic.

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