Minorities were again persecuted in Imran Khan's 'Naya Pakistan', 'Islamic slogans' made by Hindu boy

Minorities were again persecuted in Imran Khan’s ‘Naya Pakistan’, ‘Islamic slogans’ made by Hindu boy

In the Sindh province of Pakistan, a case has come to light of a boy coming from the minority Hindu community for raising Islamic religious slogans.

Minority Hindu Community Boy (Twitter)

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan keeps talking about the security of minorities in his country. But the ‘religious violence’ against minorities in Pakistan exposes his claim. In fact, once again there has been a case of violence against the minority community in Pakistan. In the neighboring country’s Sindh province, a boy from the Hindu minority community was thrashed and then made to chant religious slogans. The video of this incident has gone viral on social media. There has also been a lot of ruckus in Pakistan regarding this.

Hindu leaders of Pakistan’s opposition parties have criticized the incident after the video surfaced and demanded an inquiry into the matter. Sindh province has been recognized for the conversion of religious minorities. Sindh Police has arrested accused Abdus Salam Dawood from Tharparkar district after the video went viral. However, the question is being raised on the police itself about the manner in which it stood with the police. It can be seen in the photo that the accused is standing comfortably in front of the police. This video has also been shared by Pakistani journalists Nayla Inayat and Tariq Fateh.

Islamic religious slogans made by the boy

Journalist Mukesh Meghwar, who raised his voice on the human rights of Hindu minorities in the neighboring country, has confirmed the veracity of this video. He said that some religious fanatics got the boy from the Hindu minority community to raise Islamic religious slogans. Some reports claim that the video was originally uploaded on a YouTube channel named Abdul Salam Abu Dawood. But, later this video was removed from the channel. It is not yet known whether the owner of the channel has deleted this video from YouTube or YouTube itself has removed it.

There is a population of 45 lakh Hindus in Pakistan.

Earlier, in mid-July, at least 60 Hindus were forcibly converted to Islam in the Malti region of Sindh province of Pakistan. These people were asked to recite ‘Kalma’ in the presence of the municipal president. Municipal president Abdul Rauf Nizamani reportedly helped in the mass conversion process. The Hindu community is a minority in Pakistan. Hindus account for two percent of the total population of Pakistan. Their number is 45 lakhs in the population of 22 crores of the country. Most Hindus live in Sindh province, where such incidents have increased in recent times.

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