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‘Millions of people took part in rallies and religious events without masks’, know what the foreign media said on the situation in India

The conditions of Coronavirus in India have been covered in foreign media and political rallies have been blamed for this.

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Foreign Media on India’s Covid Situation: Once again, cases of corona virus have been recorded in India. The Health Ministry released data on Saturday morning, stating that 4,01,993 new cases have been reported in the country within 24 hours and 3523 patients have died. While 2,99,988 people have been discharged from hospitals in a day (India Total Covid Cases). After which the total number of cases in the country has increased to 1,91,64,969, while the total figure of the dead has reached 2,11,853. Meanwhile, questions are also being raised on these figures being reported by the government. All these issues are being discussed in the foreign media.

The British newspaper The Guardian wrote in the headline, ‘India’s COVID crisis: Scientists said, the government ignored the variant’s warning.’ It reads, ‘A panel of Indian scientists had warned the authorities in early March about the new and more dangerous corona virus variant (Coronavirus Variant). But despite the warning, four scientists have said that the government did not talk of banning to stop the spread of the virus. Millions of people took part in religious festivals and political rallies without masks without wearing masks. These rallies were organized by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his ruling party Bharatiya Janata Party and opposition politicians.

‘Cases have doubled in India’

Pakistani news website Dawn has written in the headline, ‘Global Affairs Across 15 Crores, India Again Made a Record in COVID’. The website has said, “India has broken another world record on Friday in the daily cases of corona virus, due to which the total number of cases across the world has crossed 150 million. Emergency aid from the US has reached India, which is part of an important international initiative to prevent pandemic. Matters have doubled since mid-February, the reason behind which is the new variant as well as the failure to follow the virus restrictions.

‘America bans travel’

Qatar’s news website, Al Jazeera, titled, “US prohibits Yatra to stop India on COVID-19”. This website says, ‘America is prohibiting travel from India from May 4, this information has been given by the White House on Friday. In which the disastrous situation of India Covid-19 Situation has been cited. White House Press Secretary Jane Saki has said that these rules will be implemented in view of more COVID cases being found in India and many COVID variants present there.

‘States do not have enough vaccine’

The US news agency Associate Press has titled, ‘Vaccine Starts in India, Death of 18 Infected Patients Due to Hospital Fires’. The AP wrote in its article, ’18 patients have died in a fire in a ward of a COVID-19 hospital in the western part of India on Saturday morning, even when this country is suffering from a deadly outbreak, as well Vaccination Drive has been started for all adults here, even though some states say that they do not have adequate vaccines. A record daily new cases of 401,993 have been recorded in India once again on Saturday, taking its total to 1.91 crore.

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