Malaysia government will not increase ’emergency’, Law Minister said – working to save lives, opposition accused of ‘treason’

In Malaysia, the number of corona infections has crossed one million and there have been about 8,000 deaths. Even after the government imposed a lockdown, cases have increased due to the delta variant.

Lockdown will not increase in Malaysia (file photo)

The government of Malaysia will not extend the ‘controversial’ emergency imposed due to Corona beyond August 1. A minister gave this information on Monday. This decision of the government had given rise to public outrage on a large scale. In January, the king, following the advice of Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yasin, declared the first nationwide emergency in more than half the country to fight the coronavirus.

It allowed the government to rule by decree and suspend parliament, after critics accused Muhyiddin of using the pandemic to evade a no-confidence vote and save his weak coalition. Despite the emergency and nationwide lockdown, the country could not escape the outbreak of Corona, for which the highly contagious Delta variant was responsible.

short session just show off

The number of corona infections in Malaysia has crossed one million and there have been about 8,000 deaths. Due to growing public anger and pressure from the king, Muhyiddin agreed to reconvene parliament for five days before the state of emergency officially ended the following month. However, the opposition has termed the short session as a sham.

MPs gathered on Monday in the 222-seat lower house. During this he was wearing a mask and there was a transparent screen between them to follow social distancing. During this, Law Minister Taqiuddin Hassan announced that the government would not request an extension of the emergency.

Opposition accused of sedition

In his address, Muhyiddin said that he understands the concern of the public amid the increase in COVID cases. He said that the government is not just looking at the suffering people by sitting back, we are working to save lives. Addressing the House, opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim said the prime minister had acted as a ‘traitor’ for not following the wishes of the king.

Bangladesh’s government on Sunday warned that amid concerns over the rising number of coronavirus deaths and infection cases after the Eid-ul-Adha holiday, if the cases of COVID-19 are at current pace. If it continues to grow, there will be no room left for patients in hospitals. Bangladesh is currently witnessing a renewed increase in COVID-19 cases and deaths.

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