London Floods: London submerged after stormy rain, submerged roads and underground stations closed

London Floods: London submerged after stormy rain, submerged roads and underground stations closed

On Sunday, 60-92 millimeters (2.3 to 3.6 inches) of rain in one hour caused flash flooding in London. Roads were completely submerged in many places in the city.

Cars submerged in rain water (AFP)

After the stormy rains in London, there has been a situation like flash flooding. Due to this, traffic has come to a standstill at many places in the city. Following stormy rain on Sunday afternoon, the London Metropolitan Police said floods had caused severe disruption on the North Circular Road, one of the main roads around central London. Several London Underground train stations were flooded, disrupting services. A Transport of London spokesman said the transport network was affected by the floods.

According to the Transport of London website, several stations on the rail network, known as the Tube, were closed. The spokesperson said that with several bus routes being diverted and some tube and rail services affected and stations closed, passengers are requested to check the latest updates before embarking on a journey to ensure a safe and smooth journey, the spokesperson said. Two hospitals in the London area, Newham University Hospital and Whips Cross University Hospital, have been affected by the rain. A spokesman for Barts Health NHS Trust said both hospitals were experiencing operational problems due to heavy rains.

Help is being sought from the London Fire Brigade

In the Worcester Park area, cars stuck in flood waters and rescue boats operating in the area can be seen in videos being shared on social media. The London Fire Brigade said in a tweet that it had received hundreds of calls informing them of floods across London. The fire brigade said that till now we have received 600 calls related to floods. These include flooding of roads and houses, collapse of roofs and vehicles getting stuck in water. Crews used specialist water rescue equipment to rescue five people from a car stuck in floodwaters at Worcester Park.

2.3 to 3.6 inches of rain caused floods

CNN reported that the storms that hit London and southern England on Sunday came amid record heat on Friday. It said, very hot air hit an area of ​​low pressure near northern France. This resulted in slow-moving storms, and the UK Met Service had to issue an amber alert for storms with 75 to 100 millimeters (3 to 4 in) of rain. Unofficial reports said that London received 60-92 millimeters (2.3 to 3.6 inches) of rain in an hour on Sunday. This is the reason that after the rain, a situation like flood arose.

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