Japan: There may be a 'crisis' in the event of Tokyo Olympics, the terrible storm 'Niptarak' moving rapidly towards Honshu Island

Japan: There may be a ‘crisis’ in the event of Tokyo Olympics, the terrible storm ‘Niptarak’ moving rapidly towards Honshu Island

Tokyo Olympics: The Tokyo Olympic Games have started in the capital of Japan. Meanwhile, a disturbing news has come. A powerful storm is moving towards Japan’s main island of Honshu. which can affect the game.

Hurricane can affect Tokyo Olympics (Japan Tokyo Olympic Storm) – symbolic picture

Japan Tokyo Olympic Tropical Storm: A severe storm is moving towards Japan’s main island of Honshu. Due to which this country, which is organizing the Olympic Games, has started making preparations for the rescue. All precautions are being taken for the safety ahead of the upcoming events (Japan Storm News Today). Powerful Hurricane Nepartak began to rise from about 1,800 km southeast of Honshu on Friday. Now it can reach Honshu in the coming days. Due to which there is a possibility of landfall on Tuesday and Wednesday.

A meteorological forecast shows that the storm is not likely to strengthen further. Since it is close to Japan, there may be strong winds with heavy rain (Nepartak Storm in Japan). US-based hurricane experts, Robert Spata, said the meteorological department’s forecast was correct and said that landfall could occur in the event of the arrival or weakening of a tropical storm. Spata says that there is no possibility of a storm at the moment.

Landfall feared

Regarding the forecast, Spata said that weather agencies have pointed to a possible landfall in the Tohoku region, north of the capital Tokyo, but it may move closer to the capital south. Spata said that no major damage was expected from the storm, but the Olympic Games held under the open sky could easily be affected by it. He said, ‘Waves of up to 10 to 15 meters can rise. Which can make surfing or boating difficult.

Organizers are ready for the storm

The organizers are planning ahead only after taking information about every information related to the storm (Storm Honshu Island in Japan). If needed, then any changes will be made regarding the event. By the way, there has been no change of any kind so far. In the matter, Tokyo 2020 spokesman Masa Takaya said, ‘Except for earthquakes, we are able to forecast storms. So that’s why we can also prepare in advance. For sports like rowing, we have decided to change its schedule keeping in mind the safety. We will take better steps.

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