Japan: America's Little Boy and Fat Man took the lives of millions of people in a few seconds, know how much was the power of these atomic bombs

Japan: America’s Little Boy and Fat Man took the lives of millions of people in a few seconds, know how much was the power of these atomic bombs

Hiroshima Day: On August 6, for the first time in the world, an atomic bomb was dropped on the city of Hiroshima, Japan. The name of this bomb was Little Boy. Then three days later, a bomb named Fat Man was dropped on Nagasaki. Due to which lakhs of people died in an instant.

US dropped bombs on Japan (Nuclear Attack on Japan by US) Photo – Twitter

Little Boy vs Fat Man Bomb: What happened to Japan on this day has never happened before, nor has it ever happened after that. The year 1945 brought with it difficulties for the Japanese people, but no one knew that something would happen in this year, which would make the whole country ashes in an instant. The world’s first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan on the morning of 6 August (Hiroshima Day). Since then, Hiroshima Day is celebrated every year.

On August 6, an American bomber dropped an atomic bomb on the city of Hiroshima, killing 140,000 people. Exactly three days after this, that is, on August 9, a bomb was dropped on the city of Nagasaki. A few days later, Japan surrendered and the Second World War ended (Fat Man and Little Boy Bomb Facts). The bombs that were dropped were named Little Boy and Fat Man. Who changed the color of the sky in a few seconds and destroyed the whole country.

What happened in 1945?

Germany surrendered to Allied forces in May 1945, but World War II continued in Asia. After Tokyo rejected an earlier ultimatum for peace, the US thought that dropping the atomic bomb would lead to Japan’s surrender and no harm to the US. After which America dropped the first bomb on Hiroshima. It was codenamed ‘Little Boy’ (Nuclear Attack on Japan). Which immediately took the lives of more than 70 thousand people.

While thousands more people died due to radiation poisoning for the coming days, months and weeks. Japan did not surrender immediately after this (Japan in World War Two). Due to which three days later a bomb named ‘Fat Man’ was dropped on another city of Nagasaki. This number of recorded deaths is approximate. But it is said that out of Hiroshima’s 350,000 population, 140,000 died and at least 74,000 died in Nagasaki.

These are the only two nuclear bombs that were used outside for testing. The double bombardment brought an abrupt end to the war in Asia, and then Japan surrendered to the Allies on 14 August 1945. It is also said that Japan was on the verge of surrender, so killing such a large population by dropping a bomb was a very bad decision (Little Boy Bomb and Fat Man). Japan’s wartime experience gave birth to a strong pacifist movement in the country. On the annual anniversary of Hiroshima, the government usually reiterates its commitment to a nuclear-free world.

Power of ‘Little Boy’ dropped on Hiroshima

A bomb named Little Boy was dropped on Hiroshima from a Boeing B-29 Superfortress bomber Enola Gay. It was a blue-white nuclear bomb 3.5 meters long, weighing 4.3 tons (Little Boy Bomb). It was produced in the labs of Los Alamos, New Mexico as part of a highly secret Manhattan project (Little Boy Bomb Atomic Bomb Facts). It was kept secret to such an extent that even Harry Truman was not aware of it while being the Vice President of America.

He came to know about it when he took over as the new President of America. The power of this bomb dropped at 8.15 am on 6th August was equivalent to 12500 tonnes of TNT (Little Boy Bomb Explosion). As soon as it burst, the temperature reached one million centigrade. Everything on the earth disappeared except the concrete buildings in the central area of ​​the city. The impact of the blast was so strong that even 15 km away buildings were badly damaged.

The power of ‘Fat Man’ dropped on Nagasaki

On August 9, three days after the attack on Hiroshma, the US targeted another Japanese city, Nagasaki, and dropped an atomic bomb named Fat Man here (Fat Man Bomb Facts). Its weight was 4.8 tons. It was shot down by a B-29 box car bomber. As soon as the bomb fell, almost everything within a one meter radius was destroyed. A large number of people and animals died at the same time because the rays of heat absorbed almost every drop of water in their bodies.

The heat from the explosion was so lethal that it burned the skin with third degree burns. This explosion was very tremendous, where the bomb fell, the name of a primary school located 500 km away from it was erased. Everything within a kilometer radius began to evaporate (Fat Man Atomic Bomb Power). Then it seemed as if the city had suddenly turned into ashes. In less than a second, three buildings in the Nagasaki prison collapsed.

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