India exposed Pakistan's 'dirty game' in Afghanistan in front of America, Jaishankar-Blinken looked like friends

India exposed Pakistan’s ‘dirty game’ in Afghanistan in front of America, Jaishankar-Blinken looked like friends

Pakistan is the biggest supporter of the Taliban, which is rapidly taking over the land in Afghanistan. It is confirmed that foreign terrorists are still being sent to Afghanistan to fight from Pakistan.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and S Jaishankar during their visit to India. AFP

Today we will talk about the US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken’s visit to India which concluded yesterday. Yesterday i.e. on 28 July, both the foreign ministers (Anthony Blinken and S Jaishankar of India) looked like two friends while addressing the media. There was more than expected agreement on most things on both sides. If there were some differences between them, then they were not clearly visible, not even on the issue of human rights in India.

In the details of the talks between the two sides regarding the situation in Afghanistan, it is clear that India has conveyed its concerns to the US on the situation there after the withdrawal of its army. The Indian Foreign Minister said that the citizens of that country will have to bear the consequences of what happens after the US troops leave Afghanistan. Referring to the Taliban, Jaishankar said that Afghanistan’s problems cannot be solved on the battlefield. That should happen only through dialogue and there should be participation from all sides of Afghanistan in this dialogue.

Pak terrorists fighting on behalf of Taliban

Speaking on the role of Pakistan, India said that the sovereignty and independence of Afghanistan can be ensured only when there is a check on those who have dirty or dirty influence. Pakistan is the biggest supporter of the Taliban, which is rapidly taking over the land in Afghanistan. It is confirmed that foreign terrorists are still being sent to Afghanistan to fight from Pakistan. About 10 thousand Pakistani terrorists are currently fighting there on behalf of the Taliban. Logistics are continuously reaching the Taliban from Pakistan and the Taliban’s injured are being treated in hospitals in Pakistan.

Pakistan lying continuously

The situation of Pakistan’s support to the Taliban is that when Prime Minister Imran Khan was asked in a program of American media network PBS whether you have camps giving refuge to Taliban, his answer was no, there are camps in Pakistan. Three million Afghan refugees live, most of whom are of Pashtun origin. Most of the terrorists in the Taliban are of Pakhtun origin. Imran Khan said that Taliban is not a military party, but these people are ordinary urban people. Now you can imagine yourself that how much truth is there in this.

Afghanistan should not become a refugee sending country

Jaishankar said that it clearly shows how much the rights of women, minorities and ordinary citizens have increased in Afghanistan in the last 20 years. The US and India together need to ensure that these rules remain in place. Do not allow Afghanistan to become a home of terrorism or a country that sends refugees to other countries. Blinken agreed with Jaishankar, saying that an Afghanistan that does not respect the rights of its citizens, and persecutes its own citizens, will become a country that no one wants to belong to. According to Blinken, there is only one right way in Afghanistan for all parties to sit at the negotiating table and agree to end the war peacefully.

China’s growing role in Afghanistan

Let us tell you here that a delegation of Taliban was in China on a two-day visit. There he met with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi. As America is reducing its presence from Afghanistan, China is engaged in increasing its role there at the same speed or even faster. China’s foreign ministry says Wang Yi told the Taliban team that he expected them to play an important role in reconciliation and rebuilding the country. Just imagine, those who are most responsible for the destruction and destruction of Afghanistan, China is advocating to hand over the burden of development and peace to the country. The Taliban has also happily promised China that it will take full care of China’s interests in Afghanistan.

This is China’s concern

China is particularly concerned that its investments in Afghanistan and Pakistan-occupied Kashmir may be harmed, especially from Pakistani and anti-Chinese Pashtuns and ETIM (East Turkistan Islamic Movement) militants. China is also worried that the militias and fighters who are angry with the atrocities being committed on the Vighar Muslims in Xinjiang should not create trouble for it. In the northeastern region of Afghanistan, a part of the border is shared with China.

Also agreed on QUAD group

India and the US also agreed with each other on the future programs of the QUAD Group. China is in great concern with the cooperation between the QUAD countries – India, the US, Japan and Australia. India and the US reiterated that QUAD is not a military alliance. It is a group of four countries that seek to cooperate together to solve regional challenges in the Indo-Pacific region and ensure that relations between all countries are based on international rules and values. China is trying its best that QUAD does not take a big size as Central Asia, Southeast Asia and South Korea are considering it. S Jaishankar also said that no country should take such a pretense that QUAD countries are taking some steps keeping it at the center. So overall the meeting of the foreign ministers of India and America went better than expected.

India-US long ties

The US Secretary of State, in yesterday’s media interaction, again reminded that in 2006, Senator Joe Biden had said in a speech that in the next 20 years he hoped that the friendship between India and the United States would deepen and the two countries We will work together for the betterment of the world. Joe Biden became the President of America in 2021 and relations between India and America have definitely improved compared to earlier. But the struggle for the betterment of the world will go on for a long time.

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