In this country, only one person can become President for the fourth time, all the claimants being arrested under the 'sedition' law

In this country, only one person can become President for the fourth time, all the claimants being arrested under the ‘sedition’ law

Nicaragua Elections: Whatever is happening in Nicaragua’s politics, the US and European Union have condemned it. Recently, America had also imposed sanctions on some officials of this country. The President here is presenting his claim for the fourth time.

Nicaragua Elections – symbolic picture

Nicaragua Elections: Police in the Central American country of Nicaragua on Saturday placed the seventh presidential candidate under house arrest. This means that almost all the contenders who challenged the country’s President Daniel Ortega in the election to be held on November 7 have been taken into custody. Opposition leader Noel Vidore was taken into police custody at his home on Saturday, as well as political commentator Jaime Arleno.

Arleno has been called in for questioning over comments he made criticizing Ortega’s speech. Vidore was one of the possible presidential candidates of the Citizens for Liberty Coalition (Nicaragua Elections 2021). Six other potential candidates have been arrested in a crackdown that began nearly two months ago (United States Europen Union Slams Nicaragua Government Over Arrests). Along with this, about 24 other journalists and opposition activists have also been detained.

Arrests under ‘sedition’ law

Almost all have been arrested under ‘sedition’ laws that Ortega has used against political rivals (Does Nicaragua Have Elections). Ortega alleged that the April 2018 protests in the country were an organized coup attempt in support of foreign countries. Another possible candidate, Christina Chamorro, is also under house arrest. Most of the people who have been arrested have no contact.

people being kept at unknown places

Along with this, it is also being said that these people have been kept at unknown places. He was not even allowed to meet lawyers and family members. Ortega, 75, will stake a claim for a fourth consecutive term in the November 7 elections. Sarkaran is also being criticized a lot for this (Daniel Ortega Seeking Fourth Term). The US and the European Union have condemned it (US Sanction on Nicaragua Officials). The US has recently imposed new sanctions on Nicaraguan officials, including recent visas.

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