Imran Khan waiting for Joe Biden’s phone, did not play ‘telephone’, then it hurt, Pak NSA said this

Pakistan’s National Security Advisor Moeed Yusuf said that it is incomprehensible for the US President not to call the Pakistani Prime Minister.

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan – US President Joe Biden

It has been more than six months since Joe Biden took over the presidency of America. But he has not yet called the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan. In such a situation, there is a lot of disappointment in Pakistan. The pain of the Imran government sitting waiting for Biden’s phone comes from the statements of Moeed Yusuf, the National Security Advisor of the neighboring country. Pakistani NSA said that it is beyond my understanding for the US President not to call the Pakistani Prime Minister. It is worth noting that Biden has spoken over the phone with the heads of many countries including India.

Moeed Yusuf says Washington’s lack of effort to improve relations with Islamabad surprises him. Yusuf told the Financial Times in an interview with Pakistan’s embassy in Washington, “The President of America has not spoken to the Prime Minister of such an important country, which America itself says is a make-and-break matter. We are seeing the difficulty in understanding the American gesture? He said, we are told every time that there will be a phone call. Is this a technical issue or something. To be honest, now people don’t believe me.

Biden will talk when the time is right: Officials

After the US military left Afghanistan, the US has talked to Pakistan to stop the progress of the Taliban. But Biden has not yet spoken to Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan on this matter. Expressing displeasure over Washington’s behaviour, Yusuf said, “If the security relationship is a concession, a phone call is a concession, then Pakistan has a choice.” At the same time, commenting on the statement of the Pakistani NSA, a senior official of the Biden administration said, so far there are many global leaders whom Biden has not spoken to. When the right time comes, Imran Khan will be talked to.

Moeed Yusuf is on US tour

Moeed Yusuf is in Washington DC to discuss the Afghan problem. He also has the head of Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI. Significantly, Pakistan has fenced up to 90 percent on the Afghanistan border. Pakistan fears that millions of Afghan refugees may come to Pakistan to escape Taliban violence. This is the reason why he wants to discuss the Afghan problem with America.

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