Pakistan: On allegations of helping Taliban and causing violence in Afghanistan, Imran Khan said – it is not right to hold Pakistan responsible

Imran Khan reversed his old statement on ‘rape’, clarified on ‘veil’ of women, said – my words were misinterpreted

Imran Khan: Pakistan’s PM Imran Khan made such a statement on the increasing rape cases in the country about three months ago, due to which he was criticized all over the world. Now he has clarified on his statement.

Pakistan PM Imran Khan

Imran Khan Clarified His Stance on Rape Crimes in Pakistan: Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has once again come into the limelight due to his statement on ‘rape’. Giving clarification on his old statement, he talked about the increasing rape cases in Pakistan. During an interview, Khan said that he has never blamed the victims for this. Pakistani PM (Imran Khan) said that his words were distorted and he blames only the rapist for such crimes.

After this, Imran Khan said about the ‘Purda’ practice that he does not consider it necessary only for women but for everyone. Imran Khan was asked in the interview, ‘Last month in an interview you said that women are largely responsible for the increasing number of rape cases in Pakistan (Crimes in Pakistan). Do you really believe so?’ Imran said that the person who commits rape is solely responsible for it.

‘Victims are never responsible’

The Pakistani PM further said, ‘It doesn’t matter what women wear and the person who rapes is solely responsible for this. Victims are never responsible. My words were misinterpreted. We were only talking about the Pakistani society and the sexual crimes happening there, especially the increasing crimes against children (Imran Khan Statement on Rape). And when I spoke on ‘Purda’, which is a part of Islam, I meant all people, not just women. The purdah is not limited to only clothing or women but also applies to men.’

What was said in the last statement?

Imran Khan said, ‘Women are given more respect in Islam. I have traveled the world and found that women are given more respect in Muslim countries. Even rape cases are less in Pakistan than in western countries. About three months before this, Imran Khan was surrounded by the whole world due to his statement on rape (Imran Khan on Indian culture). He had said that ‘sexual abuse is due to ‘obscenity’. Which has come from western and Indian culture. Along with this, he had called it necessary to cover up and said that it ‘controls temptation’.

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