If travel rules are broken in Saudi Arabia, the bank account may be empty! One crore rupees will be fined

Saudi Arabia has taken strict action against travelers who break travel rules. Now for breaking the rules, they will have to pay a fine of one crore rupees.

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Saudi Arabia has announced that travelers will have to pay heavy fines for traveling to countries included in the country’s ‘Red List’ for travel in view of Corona. Travelers coming from ‘Red List’ countries will be fined five lakh Saudi Riyals (about one crore rupees). Public Prosecution said that passengers arriving in the Kingdom by international flights, people transporting through ports of entry and travel operators will have to tell whether they have visited the country badly affected by Corona. If they fail to do so, strict action will be taken against them.

Earlier on July 28, Saudi Arabia’s Interior Ministry announced a three-year travel ban on those citizens. Which are included in the ‘Red List’ for travel to the Kingdom due to Corona. Travel to the banned countries is a clear violation of the COVID-19 related restrictions and updated instructions from the Kingdom. The Saudi Press Agency quoted the ministry as saying that breaking the rules would result in individual law accountability and would face harsh action upon return to the Kingdom. Also, for breaking the rules, he will be barred from traveling outside the Kingdom for three years.

India-Pakistan are included in Saudi Arabia’s red list

Saudi officials said the interior ministry insisted that citizens were still prohibited from traveling directly or through any other country to the Red List or any other country. The epidemic has not yet been controlled in these countries or new variants are spreading here. Saudi Arabia has banned travel to and from many countries including Afghanistan, Argentina, Brazil, Egypt, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Lebanon, Pakistan, South Africa, Turkey, Vietnam and the United Arab Emirates.

UAE also banned incoming flights from four countries

Earlier, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) also banned flights coming from four Asian countries including India, Pakistan. In line with the directives of the UAE government, the country’s flagship carrier Emirates has extended the suspension of flights from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka to Dubai till July 28. Emirates said in a statement that any traveler who has been to these four Asian countries in the last 14 days will not be allowed to travel to the UAE from anywhere.

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