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Good news from Britain: only one corona out of 1000, cases reduced by 40% in a week

Britain Coronavirus Update: Corona virus cases are decreasing rapidly in the UK. In England, there has been a 40 per cent reduction in cases within a week. Out of 1010 people here, only one person is corona infected (Britain Coronavirus Vaccine). Data released by the National Statistics Office shows that there has been a decrease in infection cases since early September and cases have been falling continuously for the past five weeks. The report shows that cases are decreasing in all areas except Yorkshire and East of England. In both these areas, the figures are going up and down.

Cases of infection are rarely seen in children, teenagers and people above 35 years of age. The R rate here is between 0.8 and 1.1, this rate shows the rate of spread of infection (Britain Coronavirus Update). R rate was between 0.8-1.0 last week. The country’s Health Minister Matt Hancock has tweeted about the data and said, ‘This data is reliable and shows that our strategy is working’. At the same time, experts have said that there should be ‘happiness’ on the data.

The corona virus ending

Apart from this, a study done on the symptoms of corona virus has shown that cases are still decreasing in England. The estimated number of people falling ill daily was 757 last week. Jonathan Van-Tam, the country’s deputy chief medical officer, told in a Downing Street briefing this week that Britain was ‘very close to the outbreak of the virus’. There is also evidence that COVID is now ending up in Britain because of rapid vaccination (Britain Coronavirus Vaccine) and official figures say that not a single death has occurred in the area this month.

Cases falling in all four countries

Where this country was battling the second wave of virus in January, now the situation is beginning to be normal here. There is a decrease in cases in all countries of the UK. No such evidence has been found which indicates an increase in infection rate. According to the survey, the infection rate is the highest in Scotland. It is believed that one in 640 people are infected here (Britain Coronavirus Update). This is followed by Northern Ireland, where one in 940 people is infected. At the same time, one in 1010 persons have been found infected in England and one in 1570 is infected in Wales.

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