Fully vaccinated travelers from US and Europe will get no quarantine entry in UK, will the doors open for Indians as well?

Fully vaccinated travelers from US and Europe will get no quarantine entry in UK, will the doors open for Indians as well?

The British government said that most travelers from America and Europe will be given quarantine free entry. For this they need to be fully vaccinated.

London’s Heathrow Airport

Most travelers from Fully Vaccinated America and Europe in Britain will be able to enter from next week. Giving information about this, British officials said that fully vaccinated travelers from these countries will not have to stay in quarantine from next week. Britain’s crumbling travel industry has welcomed this move of this government. At the same time, discussion has also started whether fully vaccinated passengers of India will also be allowed to travel to Britain in the coming times? Let us tell you that India is included in the ‘Red List’ for travel to Britain.

The British government said that people who have taken both doses of the vaccine approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Medicines Agency in the US. Instead of quarantining for 10 days upon arrival in England, such passengers will have to undergo only a coronavirus test before and on arrival. This change in travel rules will be effective from 4 o’clock according to British time on Monday. The European Medicines Agency works to approve medicines in the European Union and many other countries.

Scotland and Wales also accepted the new rule

The Government of Scotland has also taken a similar decision, which implements its own health policy here. Wells said that he too would adopt the change. However, its Labor Party-led government said it regretted the decision of the Conservative London government. The Government of Wales said that as we share an open border with England, it would not be appropriate to start a separate system for Wales. At the same time, Northern Ireland, part of the United Kingdom, has not yet announced what it plans to do.

Government’s decision was welcomed

Currently, only people vaccinated in the UK can escape the 10-day quarantine rule if they come from much of Europe or North America. One exception to this rule is France. In view of the presence of the beta variant in France, the British government has termed it as a high-risk area. This is the reason why travelers coming from France will have to face quarantine. Heathrow Airport CEO John Holland-Kaye said the government had made the right decision. British Airways has also welcomed this move of the government.

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