'Friendship with the killer... then married.. and then brought to death', the woman took revenge for the murder of her husband in a 'filmy' style

‘Friendship with the killer … then married.. and then brought to death’, the woman took revenge for the murder of her husband in a ‘filmy’ style

In Bajaur district of Pakistan’s tribal area, a woman has done something to take revenge on her husband’s killer, which is shocking.

Woman took revenge in film style from husband’s killer

To kill her husband’s killer, a woman has done something that people are stunned to know. To take revenge, the woman has woven such a web that everyone is surprised to know her. She was trying to take revenge on her husband’s killer for three years and for this she made a complete plan. He first trapped the killer in the web of his friendship and then immersed him in his love so much that both of them got married. After this the woman did what she was waiting for for the last three years. She put her husband’s killer to death.

Actually, this incident is from Bajaur district of tribal area of ​​Pakistan. The first husband of the accused woman had died three years ago. But it is not clear whether he was murdered or died of natural causes. According to the BBC report, the woman herself started the exercise to find her husband’s killer. Then she came to know that her husband was not murdered by anyone but by a friend of her husband. The accused’s name was Gulistan Khan and he allegedly killed the woman’s husband through injection of poison.

The married ‘killer’ was persuaded to marry like this

On coming to know about her husband’s killer, the woman decided on the same day that the way the killer had killed her husband. In the same way, she will also take revenge on him. The woman kept trying to avenge her husband’s death for five-six months. But he did not get a chance, after which he planned to move closer to Gulistan and then take revenge. According to the police, the woman decided to marry Gulistan. However, Gulistan was already married and has a son. But the woman convinced Gulistan for marriage by luring money, car etc.

some kind of murder

Police quoted the woman’s statement as saying that after marriage the accused woman told Gulistan that we should keep a pistol in the house for our safety. After which Gulistan bought the pistol. Referring to the day of the murder, the accused woman told the police that I kept awake at night, went to another room at around one o’clock and then entered Gulistan’s room with a pistol. He was sleeping, I fired at him but the bullet did not fire, the pistol was not working.

She went back to another room and checked the pistol. After this, the accused woman again went to Gulistan’s room and fired the first bullet on Gulistan’s head and second on the right side of his body. After shooting, she sat there till morning and told people that her husband had been killed by someone. However, after investigation, the woman’s lie was exposed. Police said that the accused woman has been produced before the court and sent to jail. The police have also confiscated the pistol with which he killed Gulistan.

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