Flood in China: Heavy flood continues to wreak havoc in China, death toll rises to 51

Flood in China: Heavy flood continues to wreak havoc in China, death toll rises to 51

Flood in China: The economic loss due to floods in China has increased to $ 10 billion. Rescuers are trying to rescue lakhs of people trapped in the floods.

Floods wreak havoc in China.

Flood in China: The death toll in the floods that hit central China after its heaviest rain in centuries has risen to 51. Due to this, a loss of $ 10 billion has been estimated. The provincial emergency management department said about 3 million people were affected in Henan province due to the heaviest rain in nearly 1,000 years. Apart from this, a total of 3,76,000 local residents were evacuated to safer places. (Flood in China: worst rain in 1000 years death toll crossed 51)

The state-run China Daily newspaper quoted local authorities as saying that the death toll due to rain and floods in Zhengzhou’s provincial capital Henan had risen to 51. The economic loss has increased to $10 billion. Life is returning to normal in Zhengzhou city with a population of about 12 million. Rescue workers are helping thousands of people trapped in the floods. On Thursday, officials left to rescue patients as hospitals were submerged in floods.

More than 8000 military personnel gathered

According to the Hong Kong-based ‘South China Morning Post’ news, Zhengzhou has lowered the level of its emergency response. But rain is still wreaking havoc in other parts of Henan province. State news agency Xinhua reported that more than 8,000 military personnel worked in 10 different danger zones in the city. Donation centers have been set up in the city for the supply of essential goods.

Rescue teams going to the village

Meanwhile, five rescue teams are visiting nearby villages to help those trapped or injured in the floods. They are working day and night to drain the flood waters from the roads. The floods caused by heavy rains in various parts of the city turned roads into rivers, washed away people and vehicles. Hundreds of cars were washed away in the flood. Especially in the city of Zhengzhou, the rain has wreaked havoc. The amount of rain that does not fall here in the whole year, it has happened in just three days. Here the water has been filled even inside the metro.

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