First refused to accept Corona, now this country has agreed to give vaccine to people, but will not take responsibility for the side effects

First refused to accept Corona, now this country has agreed to give vaccine to people, but will not take responsibility for the side effects

Coronavirus News: While vaccination is almost being completed in many countries of the world, some countries did not even start it. Burundi is also included in such countries, where the government rejected the corona epidemic itself.

Burundi ready for vaccination (Burundi Will Accepti Coronavirus Vaccines) – symbolic picture

Burundi Coronavirus Vaccination: The Burundi government has said that it will accept the COVID-19 vaccine from now on. With this, Burundi has become one of those countries, which have decided to vaccinate people, but after a long time. However, the Health Minister said that the government will not take responsibility for the side effects caused by the vaccine. Health Minister T NDKumana said on Wednesday that the vaccine would be brought in collaboration with the World Bank. However, it is not immediately clear when and how many doses will be provided to this East African country.

He said, ‘Those who need them, they will be vaccinated. The government will stock the vaccine, but it will not be responsible for any side effects. Along with Burundi’s announcement, neighboring Tanzania also announced the launch of a vaccination program on Wednesday. Earlier, the former President of Tanzania, John Maguful, had dismissed the epidemic itself. He died in March, after which the country’s command was in the hands of Vice President Samia Suluhu Hassan.

pandemic taken lightly

His views on COVID-19 are opposite to those of Magufuli. Burundi’s President Pierre Nkurunziza died last year. He was also criticized for taking the pandemic lightly (Coronavirus in African Countries). His successor, President Evariste Endichimie, said earlier this year that this country with a population of more than 10 million people does not need the COVID-19 vaccine yet.

More than 6 thousand cases were found in the country

According to the Africa Center for Disease Control and Prevention, so far 6,700 cases of corona virus infection have been reported in Burundi. Eritrea is the only country in Africa left after Burundi (Burundi Coronavirus Vaccine), which has not yet accepted the vaccine. However, there are also many poor countries, which have agreed to vaccinate their citizens for a long time. The United Nations is helping poor and low-income countries by providing them with the vaccine under its COVAX initiative.

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