First corona case found in Wuhan after a year, increased 'tension' of Chinese officials, 11 million population of the city will be tested

First corona case found in Wuhan after a year, increased ‘tension’ of Chinese officials, 11 million population of the city will be tested

Wuhan official Li Tao has said that the city’s 11 million population will be tested for corona. For this people have been ordered to stay in homes.

Wuhan city of China (AFP)

After more than a year, the first local case of Coronavirus in Wuhan has been reported in Wuhan city of China. After this, the officials said on Tuesday that the corona test of the entire population of the city would be done. Wuhan is the same city where the first case of coronavirus was reported in December 2019. After this, this virus has reached different parts of the world on seeing it. Because of this lakhs of people have lost their lives.

Wuhan official Li Tao said in a press conference on Tuesday that the city with a population of 11 million is rapidly introducing comprehensive nucleic acid tests to all residents. Wuhan authorities announced on Monday that seven locally spread coronavirus cases among migrant laborers were reported in the city. The epidemic was initially controlled through an unprecedented lockdown in early 2020. After this, domestic cases were not reported for a year. But now once again the corona cases that have come up have increased the concern of the officials.

Cases have increased due to delta variants

China has ordered residents of the entire city to stay in their homes. Domestic transport links have been cut and testing is being done on a large scale. China is facing a major outbreak of Corona that has surfaced in recent months. On Tuesday, China reported 61 cases due to the domestically spreading delta variant. Cases have increased at the local level across the country since the scavengers got infected at Nanjing Airport. Major cities like Beijing, the capital of China, have tested millions of people and those found infected have been sent to quarantine.

Things got worse in Nanjing

At the same time, the situation in Nanjing city has become worse than Wuhan. According to local media, all flights to and from Nanjing Airport have been suspended till August 11. Authorities have started an investigation into Corona amid criticism of its ‘failure’ across the city. All 93 lakh people of the city and those traveling here will be screened. In the post released on social media, it is getting to know what problems people are facing here. People of this city are standing in long queues at a distance of one meter wearing masks and are avoiding even talking among themselves.

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