Fear of Taliban terrorists entering Pakistan!  Imran government in 'tension', army personnel deployed on Afghan border

Fear of Taliban terrorists entering Pakistan! Imran government in ‘tension’, army personnel deployed on Afghan border

According to the Dawn newspaper report, Pakistan has deployed regular troops along the Afghan border to deal with Taliban fighters.

Pakistani soldiers deployed on the Afghan border (File Photo)

Due to the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan, there is an atmosphere of stir in Pakistan. The security situation in this war-torn country is deteriorating since the withdrawal of American and NATO troops. At the same time, the Taliban has also been continuously occupying the major cities of the country. This is the reason why Imran Khan’s government in Pakistan has deployed regular troops on the forward posts on the Afghan border.

According to the Dawn newspaper report, Home Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said that Pakistan Army personnel have replaced the frontline positions of Frontier Constabulary (FC), Levies Force and other militias. Ahmed said that FC Balochistan and other personnel working under the Ministry of Home Affairs have been called back from patrolling the border. The US and NATO are on the verge of completing the withdrawal of their last troops from Afghanistan.

Emphasis on preventing terrorists from entering Pakistan

The Pakistani Home Minister said, now instead of paramilitary forces, regular army personnel are monitoring the border. This decision has been taken in view of the deteriorating situation on the border. Ahmed said that the current situation calls for stopping the influx of refugees from Afghanistan. Apart from this, it also demands the entry of armed terrorists into Pakistan. The minister said paramilitary forces including Frontier Constabulary, Levies, Rangers are deployed along the borders to deal with routine issues including illegal border crossings, smuggling etc.

Taliban fighters entering Pakistan is a big problem

Meanwhile, sources in the armed forces told the newspaper that the most serious challenge in the current scenario is not the arrival of refugees or infiltrators in the guise of refugees, but the movement of Afghan army personnel or Taliban fighters. An official said that we have seen that more than 1,000 Afghan soldiers fled to Tajikistan in early July to avoid conflict with the Taliban. But the Taliban’s presence in the northern areas of Afghanistan is not as strong as it is in the areas bordering Pakistan.

barbed wire is being put on the border

The official said that this is the reason why Afghan army soldiers enter Pakistan on the run, so there is a possibility that the Taliban will chase them and the conflict will spread inside Pakistan and it can spread to the mainland as well. Pakistan and Afghanistan put up barbed wire on the border only last week after the Taliban took control of the Spin Boldak border crossing. Pakistan has laid siege on about 90 percent of the 2,640-km-long border with Afghanistan.

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