Einstein was 100 years ahead of the world, now the theory of relativity has been proved, scientists have discovered the light behind the black hole

Einstein was 100 years ahead of the world, now the theory of relativity has been proved, scientists have discovered the light behind the black hole

Scientists at Stanford University have proved the ‘Theory of Relativity’, finding a light behind a black hole.

First photo of a black hole (Twitter- @EU_Commission)

Astronomers have detected a light behind a black hole for the first time. In this way he has proved the ‘Theory of Relativity’ for the first time by the great scientist Albert Einstein. The study, published by Stanford University scientists, analyzed how light appears around a supermassive black hole. This black hole is located about 800 million light years away.

Scientists used high-powered X-ray telescopes to study the black hole and thus saw the light emanating from its other side. During the study, astrophysicist Dan Wilkins made an interesting discovery. He found that when he sent the X-ray ‘echo’, a series of bright lights appeared. However, this is quite common with black holes. But the more exciting discovery was that during this time additional light also appeared, which was smaller and of different colors. This discovery confirms Albert Einstein’s theory on the ‘Theory of Relativity’. This theory was first published in 1915.

What did Albert Einstein say in his theory?

Einstein’s theory predicted that the gravitational pull from a black hole is so great that it bends the fabric of space, producing light. His theory therefore predicted that it should be possible to see waves of light from the other side of the black hole because the folded region would act as a mirror. However, till then this theory was not proved for the last 100 years. But after this discovery it has become clear once again that Einstein’s theory was completely correct.

This discovery was made possible by the present technology

Roger Blandford, co-author of the research published in Nature, said that fifty years ago when astrophysicists speculated about how magnetic fields might behave close to black holes. During this time they did not know that one day we may have such technologies, through which it can be detected. Little did they know that one day we would have the tools to prove Einstein’s theory. The gravitational pull from the black hole bends the light around it. Through this, scientists have got the first glimpse of the space behind the black hole.

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