Ecuador revokes Julian Assange's citizenship, WikiLeaks founder faces difficulties, will appeal in court

Ecuador revokes Julian Assange’s citizenship, WikiLeaks founder faces difficulties, will appeal in court

Julian Assange News: The Ecuadorian citizenship of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been revoked.

Julian Assange (File Photo)

Ecuador has revoked the citizenship of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Assange is currently in jail in Britain. Ecuador’s justice system formally notified Assange of revoking his citizenship in a letter in response to a claim filed by the South American country’s foreign ministry.

A citizenship is reconsidered on the basis of concealment of relevant facts, false documents or fraud. Ecuadorian officials said Assange’s citizenship letter had multiple discrepancies, different signatures, possible changes to documents and unpaid fees, among other issues. Assange’s lawyer Carlos Poveda said the decision was taken without due process and Assange was not allowed to appear in the case.

Appeal will be filed for extension of decision

Carlos Poveda said the date on which Assange was cited. He was deprived of his freedom and his health condition was in danger. Poveda said he would file an appeal seeking extension and clarification of the decision. The lawyer said that more than the importance of nationality, it is a matter of respecting the rights and following due process in taking back the nationality.

Citizenship was granted in 2018

Assange received Ecuadorian citizenship in January 2018. An unsuccessful attempt was made by the government of then-President Lenin Moreno to get him out of their embassy in London. Only after this he was given citizenship. But the Pichincha court for controversial administrative matters quashed the decision on Monday. Ecuador’s foreign ministry said the court acted independently in the case during the previous government. Also, following the proper procedure, took this step.

Assange, 50, is lodged in London’s high-security Belmarsh prison. He was arrested in 2019. Assange spent seven years inside Ecuador’s London embassy. Assange was to be extradited to Sweden to face charges of rape and sexual assault. But he fled to the embassy in 2012 to avoid it. However, Assange has denied the allegations against him.

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