Delta variant once again increased the risk in America, cases increasing despite vaccination to half the population, new restrictions will apply

US Coronavirus News: Due to the delta variant of the corona virus in America, cases are increasing rapidly once again. Due to which the concern of experts has increased and the government may soon implement new restrictions.

US President Joe Biden

US New Covid-19 Restrictions: Despite being vaccinated against the corona virus in America, cases of infection are increasing rapidly. Due to which the concern of the government has also increased. President Joe Biden said on Friday that there is “very good chance” of implementing new restrictions and guidelines. The President was asked if the American people can cope with the new recommendations and new sanctions from health officials? So in response to this, he said that ‘its all possible’.

However, Biden did not say clearly what steps the government would take. US government officials, local officials and businesses have increased health protocols in recent days as cases of coronavirus in the country continue to rise rapidly due to the more contagious delta variant (Joe Biden on Coronavirus Restrictions). President Biden also said that Thursday was ‘very good’ for the country in terms of vaccination.

Vaccination speed will be increased

He said, ‘At least one million people have been vaccinated.’ Government officials are trying to speed up the slow-moving vaccinations. Biden says that he hopes that people are now beginning to understand the importance of the vaccine (Vaccination in America). In the US this week it was announced that people who have been vaccinated will also have to wear a mask under certain circumstances. Vaccinated people will also have to wear masks indoors in areas with more cases of infection.

Strict rules for government employees

Along with this, the rules have also been made strict for lakhs of government employees. These workers will either have to wear masks along with getting the vaccine, otherwise they will have to get their COVID-19 tested daily. Even if these people are in the area with less cases of infection. America still ranks first in the list of countries most affected by Corona virus (Vaccination Rule in US). Shortly after the start of the vaccination, the rule of removing the mask was applicable for the people who had been vaccinated, but now it has been made necessary to apply the mask once again as the cases increase.

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