Delta variant of corona virus reached 135 countries, total number of cases exceeded 200 million worldwide: WHO

Delta variant of corona virus reached 135 countries, total number of cases exceeded 200 million worldwide: WHO

Delta Variant: The World Health Organization has released its weekly report, in which it has been told that how many countries have reached different variants of corona virus so far. Whereas in many countries the cases of infection have been less than before.

Coronavirus Delta Variant reached 135 countries – symbolic picture

WHO on Delta Variant: The more contagious delta variant of the corona virus has reached 135 countries. The World Health Organization has given this information in its report. At the same time, the total number of cases of infection worldwide has exceeded 200 million. In the organization’s weekly report on COVID-19, the WHO has also said that the beta variant of Corona has reached 132 countries and cases of gamma variant have been found in 81 countries. At the same time, cases of alpha variants have been found in 182 countries.

It has been said in the report that the trend of cases around the world seems to be increasing. However, there has been a decline of 8 percent in the death toll this week as compared to the previous week. More than 64,000 deaths have been registered during this period. Death rate has increased in South American countries (Delta Variant Cases in India). Now the total number of cases in the whole world has increased to more than 20 crore 10 lakh and the number of dead is 42 lakh 70 thousand 342.

Where did the cases of corona increase?

America (543,420 new cases, an increase of 9 percent) in the last one week, India (283,923 new cases, an increase of 7 percent), Indonesia (273,891 new cases, a decrease of 5 percent), Brazil (247,830 new cases, 24 percent decrease) and Iran (206,722 new cases, an increase of 27 percent) (Delta Variant WHO Report). In the South East Asian region, an increase of 9 percent has been registered in new cases (more than 841,000 cases). While the death toll (22,000 deaths) is almost normal.

Most cases in these three countries

It has been told in the report that 80 percent of the total cases reported in the region have been found in India, Indonesia and Thailand. Amid growing disparity over the delta variant and the vaccine, the WHO has urged rich countries to ban booster doses of the coronavirus (Delta Variant of Covid-19). They have to do this till September. So that by then at least 10 percent of the population of poor countries gets the vaccine. WHO officials said that science has not yet proved that giving a booster dose to people who have taken two doses of the vaccine will be effective in stopping the spread of corona virus infection (WHO on Booster Dose).

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