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‘Dawood has no arms… not a leg… yet I did not leave him’… a special love story

There is a saying if you love someone, then do not leave it for life. A couple hailing from Pakistan have proved this. Dawood Siddique lost both his arms and one leg in an accident. But his wife Sana Mushtaq did not leave him. She prepares them every day and feeds them with her own hands. This love story of both of them is being discussed all over the world including Pakistan.

Actually, one evening of November last year, there was going to be a party at Dawood’s house. From the day itself, its preparations were going on in full swing. Dawood was busy preparing for this with his family. Meanwhile, David’s father called him and asked him to take a long iron rod to the roof. But the accident that followed, changed Dawood’s life forever.

Electric shock caused by the tension line

When Dawood was going to the roof with this iron rod, then that rod got stuck with a Hightion power line passing over it. After this, the entire locality resonated with the sound of a blast. Overall, the electric shock to Dawood was very terrible. Within a few seconds, his entire body was engulfed by flames and he fell on the ground indiscriminately. After the blast, the people around the family reached the terrace and they controlled the fire by throwing sand on Dawood’s body.

To save lives, doctors cut both hands and one leg

When Dawood regains consciousness, he can only say that take me from here. Something is happening in my heart. He was admitted to Jinnah Hospital in Lahore, where his entire body was draped with white bandages. In this accident, both his hands and one leg were badly injured. In such a situation, the doctors had to make a difficult decision to cut Dawood’s hands and feet. Doctors cut both Dawood’s hands and one leg after an operation.

Dawood and Sana met a few months before the incident

This incident happened in November last year. Dawood currently lives with his uncle. A few months before this terrible incident, Dawood met Sanaa Mushtaq. At the first sight, both of them gave heart to each other. Dawood and Sana used to meet each other and talk on the phone for hours. However, his family was oblivious to their relationship. When Dawood regained consciousness after the operation, he was very worried about Sana. He was feeling what would happen to Sanaa now.

Dawood gets the name called in his ears, Dawood is conscious: Sanaa

At the same time, when Sana came to know about this incident, she rushed to the hospital with her cousin sister. However, the hospital in which Dawood was admitted earlier, was referred to Jinnah Hospital from there. Taking information from her uncle, Sana reached Jinnah Hospital to meet Dawood. Talking to BBC Urdu, Sana said that Dawood’s operation had passed for eight hours and he had not realized it yet. I was waiting for him to come to his senses on the side of the stairs.

Sana said that then I secretly reached his ward and saw that Dawood is lying unconscious till now. His entire face is swollen. I called his name in his ears. On hearing his name, Dawood immediately opened his eyes. I told him, don’t you worry, here I am. I will never leave you

Sana’s dispute with family over Dawood

When Sana told her father that she wanted to marry with Dawood, her father did not agree with her. Sana’s father said to them, what are you going to do? He has no arms, no legs. Sana said that it does not matter to them. I want to be with them. On this, the whole family said to Sana that would you part with the whole family for just one man? At the same time, Sana told the family that I just want Dawood. Nothing else is needed other than this.

Preparations were made for Dawood and Sana’s marriage at each other’s home. Dawood told Sana before marriage that his family was saying absolutely right. However, Sana once again tells Dawood that she wants to stay with him. After this, Dawood and Sana were married in a small ceremony. However, the bride’s family did not participate in it.

Doctors and the government get my fake legs and arms: Dawood

While talking to BBC Urdu, Dawood said, no one can do whatever Sanaa has done. I appeal to the doctors and the government to put up my fake legs and arms so that I can work and run the family. Saying this, Dawood looked at Sanaa. Sana said looking into Dawood’s eyes, if Dawood’s legs and arms are attached, then he will be able to walk with me once again. I want nothing more than this.

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