Darkness in Afghanistan’s capital Kabul, Taliban blew up power lines

Taliban Afghanistan: Taliban has captured a large part of Afghanistan. Now he is moving towards the cities. The Afghan army is also trying its best to stop him and so far a large number of his fighters have been killed.

Blackout in Kabul Photo – Twitter

Taliban Afghanistan News: In Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, there was darkness due to the Taliban as this organization blew up the electricity supply lines itself. Giving information about this, Afghanistan’s energy company DABS said that Kabul and other parts of the country had to face blackout on Tuesday. The company said the trouble came after the Taliban damaged power lines in the northeastern province of Baglan.

There are also problems in repairing these lines in the Kiligai area of ​​Baglan province. Because there is a fierce fighting between the Taliban and the Afghan army in this area (Taliban Afghanistan Latest News). Due to which the energy company is not able to send its engineers and other personnel here. This company has written on Facebook that due to the damage to the power line, the power supply has been stopped in Kabul and other areas. Concern is growing in Afghanistan as the Taliban move to major cities.

Taliban occupied rural areas

The Taliban has increased aggressive attitude in this country from the day the withdrawal of foreign troops has started. The organization first captured rural areas on a large scale and then intensified attacks on cities (Taliban Afghanistan Fight). At present, there is a war between Taliban fighters and the Afghan army in many cities of the country including Kandahar, Ghazni, Kabul. The Afghan army claims that it has stopped the Taliban from advancing. A special contingent of the Afghan army has driven back the Taliban from the districts located in the northern part of the country.

Afghan army kills terrorists

Along with this, the terrorists occupying the Uzbekistan and Tajikistan border have also been killed. Due to the support of the local people, the Afghan army has driven back the Taliban from Kaldhar district. Kaldar is an important strategic region in the Balkh province, the northern border region of Afghanistan. It shares its borders with Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. The Taliban have seized major highways and border posts in Herat, Farha, Kandahar, Kunduz, Takhar and Badakhshan provinces connecting Pakistan, Iran, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan. Imports and exports of $2.9 billion are done through these channels.

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