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Covid-19: Israel banned travel to 7 countries including India due to threat of corona infection

The Israeli Ministry of Health has said that a person returning from these seven countries, including India, must be compulsorily kept in isolation for two weeks, even if they are vaccinated.

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Israel has banned its citizens from traveling to India and six other countries in view of the ever increasing cases of COVID-19 infection. Israel’s Prime Minister’s Office and the Ministry of Health said in a statement that Israeli citizens will not be allowed to travel to Ukraine, Brazil, Ethiopia, South Africa, India, Mexico and Turkey.

This order will be effective from May 3 and will be effective till May 16. The statement said that non-Israeli citizens would, however, be able to travel to these countries, but if they plan to stay in these countries permanently. This order will not be applicable to those people who have stayed at the airport for 12 hours in any of these countries while waiting for the aircraft.

The Israeli government has also empowered the Minister of Health and Internal Affairs to head the appeals committee and appoint representatives to review special cases. According to local media reports, the Health Ministry has proposed that those returning from these seven countries be compulsorily kept in isolation for two weeks, whether they have received the COVID-19 vaccine or before the epidemic. Have recovered well too.

Many other countries also banned

The ministry said that COVID-19, which has not been found to be infected twice in the investigation report, will also have to remain in isolation for 10 days. These restrictions may come into force from 3 May. Before this, many countries have announced restrictions for traveling to India or for people coming from India. US President Joe Biden issued a manifesto on Friday banning people living in India from the last 14 days, who are not US citizens.

This order will come into force from 4 May. However, the US has exempted its citizens, green card holders, their non-American spouses and children under 21 years of age from various travel restrictions. At the same time, Australia has also imposed a temporary ban on returning home to its countrymen present in India for the last 14 days. Warned of imprisonment of 5 years or heavy penalty for not complying with this ban.

3.92 lakh new cases in India

There have been 3,92,488 new cases of Corona virus infection in India on Sunday. According to the Union Health Ministry, 3,689 people died across the country in the last 24 hours. At the same time, 3,07,865 people were cured of the infection yesterday. The number of active cases in the country has increased to 33,49,644. So far 2,15,542 people have died due to COVID-19 infection in India.

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