Corona's delta variant wreaks havoc in America, it may be mandatory for government employees to get the vaccine

Corona’s delta variant wreaks havoc in America, it may be mandatory for government employees to get the vaccine

US Coronavirus News: There has been a sudden increase in the cases of corona virus in America, the reason behind which is the delta variant. Which spreads more rapidly and is also more dangerous than the original virus. Due to which the government has started changing the rules.

Vaccine may be mandatory in America (Corona Vaccine in US) – symbolic picture

US Coronavirus Delta Variant: Due to the rapidly increasing new cases of Delta variants in America, the Biden administration has said two things. The first thing was said that people should wear masks again and secondly, it could be made mandatory for government employees to vaccinate (Covid-19 Cases in US). Because getting the vaccine is a personal decision, the government employees who are not getting the vaccine will be allowed to come to work only after daily COVID testing.

In the last 3 weeks, more than 80 percent of the Delta variant cases have been reported in the US, many of which were breakthrough cases. According to the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC), these are the cases in which people have become victims of the delta variant of COVID even after getting the vaccine (US Coronavirus Mask Rule). Due to these breakthrough cases, the government has withdrawn its policy of 2 months ago. In which it was said that those who have got the vaccine, they do not need to wear masks.

What did Jen Psaki say on the mask?

Jen Psaki faced tough questions at a White House press briefing when she was asked whether the White House has been in a hurry to introduce a no-mask policy. To this, he said that the White House listens to the CDC and health officials and both policies are in accordance with their guidelines (White House on Coronavirus). Immediately after this press briefing, the office of Vice President Kamala Harris also provided masks to all media personnel immediately.

Instructions to employees to wear masks

Along with this, the White House issued instructions through an email to all its employees to wear masks. Today, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has also made it mandatory for both houses to wear masks again (US Changed Mask Rule). New York City earlier on Monday announced making masks mandatory for its employees, while the American Football Conference’s National Football League said that vaccine players could face strict fines if they spread the coronavirus.

Universities told the vaccine is necessary

Many universities in America have also told employees and students to take the vaccine to return to campus. More than 50 health groups, including the American Medical Association, on Monday called on health care employers to mandate that all employees be vaccinated (Covid Restrictions in the US). Significantly, given the rapidity of initial vaccination, no one had imagined that people would be asked to wear masks again.

people not getting the vaccine

Free vaccine is available every 3 kilometers in America, despite this there are many people who do not want to get the vaccine. Cases in the US have increased in recent weeks with the outbreak of the Delta variant, raising concerns among many public health experts that the US is lagging behind in its fight against the pandemic. The CDC announced Tuesday that vaccinated Americans are encouraged to wear masks in and around public places.

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