CNN fired three employees for not getting the vaccine, said- company policy is strict regarding vaccination

CNN fired three employees for not getting the vaccine, said- company policy is strict regarding vaccination

CNN fired three employees because they had come to work without getting a coronavirus vaccine.

CNN’s Atlanta office

American media house CNN has fired three of its employees for violating company policy by coming to work without getting the Coronavirus Vaccine. CNN chief Jeff Zucker sent a ‘memo’ to staff members on Thursday, drawing their attention to the fact that it is mandatory for them to get the vaccine when they come to the office or work out because they come in contact with many other employees. Huh. Zucker said, I want to make it clear that we have a zero tolerance policy about this.

A CNN reporter Oliver Darcy tweeted about this ‘memo’, after which ‘AP’ got a copy of it. CNN did not provide any information about the identities of the fired employees and where they were posted. Zucker said that most of CNN’s offices have been opened and more than a third of employees are coming to work. So far, no proof of vaccination is being sought from the employees, but this policy can be changed in the coming week. Significantly, people in America are being urged to get the vaccine.

Plan to work from office postponed till October

Jeff Zucker said that employees in Atlanta, Washington and Los Angeles offices are required to wear masks. However, they will be exempted from wearing masks when they are not eating, drinking or in a closed space. He said that in offices where it is not necessary to apply masks. There people should do that work, so that they do not have to face the anger of colleagues. The CNN memo also states that plans to return to the company on September 7 have been postponed until at least mid-October. Due to the increasing corona cases in America, other companies are also making similar plans.

People are being requested to wear masks

Significantly, once again the cases of corona are increasing in America. Because of this, people are being urged to wear masks and follow social distancing. The US CDC has also made it necessary for fully vaccinated people to wear masks. Till now fully vaccinated people were exempted from wearing masks. However, opposition to this decision of the CDC is also being seen. Republican lawmakers criticized the decision.

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