Chinese vaccine 'cheat' again! The dose of sinoform is less effective on the elderly, vaccination has been done in dozens of countries with this vaccine

Chinese vaccine ‘cheat’ again! The dose of sinoform is less effective on the elderly, vaccination has been done in dozens of countries with this vaccine

A study conducted in Hungary on China’s Sinopharm vaccine has shown that this vaccine is less effective on the elderly.

China’s Sinopharm Vaccine (AFP)

China’s Sinopharm vaccine has been found to be less effective on the elderly. This thing has come out through a study. This Chinese vaccine has been given to large populations of elderly people in dozens of countries. In such a situation, after the results of the study, a question mark has arisen on Sinoform. A survey was conducted on blood samples of 450 people who received the second dose of Sinopharm vaccine in Hungary, after which the efficacy of Sinopharm has been questioned.

The survey revealed that 90 percent of people under the age of 50 had antibodies to fight corona, but with increasing age, the level of antibodies started falling. At the same time, the level of antibodies was zero in people above 80 years of age. The study, by two Hungarian researchers, was posted online this week. But so far it has not been reviewed by other scientists. Three outside experts said they had no problem with the methodology of the study. Sinopharm has been developed by Beijing Institute of Biological Products.

Antibody levels necessary for vaccine efficacy

Virologist Jin Dong-yan of the University of Hong Kong said that it is a matter of great concern that people who are at high risk of corona have not made antibodies in their bodies. Antibody levels are not evidence of how safe a person is from COVID-19. But the evidence of this is definitely increasing, only through this the efficacy of the vaccine can be decided. One expert cautioned that the choice of test kit could limit the accuracy of the measurement.

China declined to comment on the study

Wang Chenguang, a former professor at Peking Union Medical College and an immunology expert, said the study results are of great value and are the first public effort to show the efficacy of the Sinoform vaccine in the elderly. On the other hand, China’s ‘National Health Commission’ has refused to comment on this study. It has said that it will comment only on studies done by the government and leading research institutes. However, this is not the first time that the Chinese vaccine has come under the scanner. Earlier, in many countries, after vaccination with Chinese vaccine, the question of increasing corona case was raised.

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