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Chinese government official Global Times threatens to kill Taiwanese president

Chinese government official Global Times threatens to kill Taiwanese president Tsai Ing-wen Taipei is playing with fire
Chinese government official Global Times has threatened to kill Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen, sparked by a visit by senior US State Department official Keith Krach to Taiwan. Global Times said Taiwanese leader Tsai is playing with fire after having dinner with a US State Department official. The Chinese newspaper said that if any of Tsai Wen’s actions violated Chinese law, the war would begin and the Taiwanese leader would be ‘eliminated’.

Earlier, Krach arrived in Taiwan on 17 September to attend an event. On September 18, he had dinner with Taiwan President Tsai Ing-Wen. This was the top-level visit by an official of the US State Department. Earlier, US Health Minister Alex Azar also visited Taiwan. Chinese newspaper erupted when Tsai Wen and Krach had dinner together.

Amidst controversies, US officer Keith Krach arrives in Taiwan, China’s 18 fighter jets flying close to the island

Taiwanese leader Tsai Ing-Wen is playing with fire

Global Times threatened that Taiwanese leaders were playing with fire by strengthening ties with the US. Global Times has given this threat at a time when Chinese fighter jets are constantly entering Taiwan airspace. On Saturday, China sent 19 of its ships to Taiwan airspace for the third consecutive day. At the time of this Chinese provocation, US Deputy Foreign Minister Keith Krach was paying tribute to former President Li Teng Hui, who transformed Taiwan into a democratic system.

China busy preparing for the occupation of Taiwan sent 19 fighter jets for second consecutive day

On Friday, 18 fighter jets from China simultaneously infiltrated the Taiwanese border. This Chinese intruder fleet consisted of 12 J-16 fighter jets, 2 J-10 fighter jets, 2 J-11 fighter jets, 2 H-6 nuclear bombers and one Y-8 anti-submarine aircraft. Warning was released as soon as the Taiwanese radar detected this intrusion of the Chinese airforce. Taiwanese Air Force fighters also began a mission to chase down Chinese ships. At the same time, anti-aircraft guns and missiles were also activated.

China opposes US ban on TikTok, WeChat, warns of retaliation

China is manoeuvring in the Gulf of Taiwan

China has been doing live-fire exercises for the past several days amid increasing tension from Taiwan. A large number of Chinese soldiers, bomber ships, rocket launchers and modern warships are taking part in this manoeuvre. This exercise is conducted by the PLAC Eastern Theater Command. Relations between China and Taiwan are going through the worst phase in recent times.

Chinese media threat – a rehearsal of this attack

The Global Times wrote that PLAC manoeuvres are a quick process. Taiwan should be afraid of this. This manoeuvre is an occupation drill on Taiwan. The newspaper claimed that the US had not officially announced Crutch’s visit to Taiwan. However, when he arrived in Taiwan, he was welcomed by the PLA through manoeuvres. Therefore this exercise was a last-minute decision. A large scale action can be organized in such a short time.

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Source: navbharattimes.indiatimes.com

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