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Chinese billionaire Jack Ma missing for 2 months! Unknown since the dispute with President Jinping

Jack Ma Suspected Missing: There is news of the mysterious disappearance of 56-year-old Jack Ma, a well-known Chinese billionaire and owner of Alibaba Group, for the last 2 months. Such reports are going on in many media including the UK telegraph. It is being told that after the dispute with Chinese President Xi Jinping, nothing has been known for the last two months. Even his name has been removed from his own talent show. A report said that Jack Ma has not appeared in public places since October.

Criticism of the Chinese government was heavy!

Let me tell you that Jack Ma had criticized some policies of the Chinese government in the past. Jack Ma had asked the government to make changes in a system that attempts to suppress the effort to introduce new things in the business. He called the global banking rules ‘old people’s club’. After this speech, a lot of anger was seen in the ruling Communist Party of China. After this, many kinds of sanctions started against Jack Ma’s business.

In November, Chinese authorities suspended their Ant Group’s $ 3700 million IPO. According to the Wall Street General’s report, the order to cancel the IPO of Jack Ma’s Ant Group came directly from the Chinese President Xi Jinping. Only last month, Chinese authorities announced an investigation into his company. Jack Ma was then told not to leave China until the ongoing investigation against his Alibaba Group is completed.

Remove name from your own show

According to the report, Jack Ma’s name was also suddenly removed from the famous TV show Africas Business Heroes. After this, his photo was also removed from the judging panel’s webpage and the footage was also removed from the promotion video. Earlier, he had made a tweet in which he said that he can not wait longer to meet the contestants participating in the show. A spokesman for Ali Baba has said that due to no time, Jack Ma will not be available to attend the final judge of the show. The company producing this show belongs to Jack Ma.

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People got caught criticizing even before

Jack Ma is known for working with the United Nations and Key Global Charities. During the Coronavirus epidemic, he distributed millions of masks all over the world. However, these days no posts have been made from his Twitter account. Earlier, he used to tweet continuously. By the way, let us know that China has arrested a large number of people in our country who criticize the policies of the Communist Party or Xi Jinping Government. Earlier, property businessman Ren Zhiqiang, who criticized Xi Jinping, went missing.

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