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China Social Media Revealed Soldier’s Grave Killed in Galwan

Beijing China has so far not disclosed the soldiers killed in the violent clash between Indo-China Rift troops in the Ladakh Galwan Valley in eastern Ladakh. He has been constantly hiding how many of his soldiers have been martyred in this struggle. However, China believes that it has suffered in this conflict. But he is revealing the number of soldiers killed.

Despite this, the Chinese pole appears to be open. Pictures of the graves of Chinese soldiers killed in Galvan can be seen on China’s social media. These pictures are going viral.

There have also been reports from China in the past, in which it has also tried to hide the funeral of its slain soldiers. He has instructed their families to remain silent. Apart from this, the government has instructed them not to perform such ceremonies. A Chinese expert says that despite hiding a million, the cry of Chinese soldiers killed now appears on social media. Significantly, 20 Indian soldiers were martyred in this violent conflict. At the same time, American media says that more than 40 Chinese soldiers were killed in it.

China was hiding a secret

Despite China’s frequent assertions, many such shreds of evidence have come to light when the killed and injured soldiers from the Galvan Valley have been exposed to Airgi, including pictures of helicopters airlifting killed and wounded soldiers from Galvan. To hide this, China did not even perform a ceremonial funeral with respect to its slain soldiers, which brought displeasure among the kin of those soldiers. According to media reports, only bone urns were given to the relatives of the soldiers in China. Apart from this, the public mourning meeting was also advised not to bury. After this pressure from the Chinese army, there were reports of spoiled protests at many places.

What is this viral picture?

Chinese affairs expert M Taylor Fravel, who was present in the pictures released on Twitter, claimed that a photo on China’s microblogging site Weibo was going viral. This is the tomb of a Chinese soldier. He was martyred in Galvan. The tomb in the picture is of a 19-year-old Chinese youth. He died in June 2020 in the ‘China-India border defence struggle’. In this, his full exam is also given. His military unit is also named. According to Taylor, he is part of the 13th Border Defense Regiment.

Had entered the Indian border

On 15 June, Chinese troops entered the Indian border. After this, Indian soldiers went for talks to explain them. In a short while, Chinese soldiers attacked with thorn sticks. In this incident, 20 Indian soldiers were martyred. At the same time, China did not even accept that its soldiers were also martyred.


Source: www.patrika.com

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