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China deploys nuclear missiles in Aksai chin, may wreak havoc across India

China’s tensions are becoming extremely dangerous amidst tensions with India in Ladakh. After several rounds of negotiations between India and China, the Chinese Army is now engaged in the deployment of deadly weapons on a large scale. The People’s Liberation Army is deploying medium-range killer missiles in the Chinese-occupied Aksai Chin area adjoining Ladakh. The range and number of these missiles are so large that the Chinese military can target the whole of India. On the other hand, the Indian Army is also deploying large scale lethal weapons to counter the Chinese army.

According to the report of Hindustan Times, China is deploying a large number of medium-range missiles at Aksai Chin to threaten India. Pictures from the satellite showed that the Chinese airbase located in the entire Aksai Chin area was flooded by missiles, cannons and long-range rockets. In addition, China is building underground bases to hide missiles. This will not catch them from the satellite and will not destroy any attack.

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China repeats the strategy of South China Sea

In addition, surface-to-air missiles have also been seen at these China military bases. China adopted a similar strategy in the South China Sea and deployed its DF-26 and DF 21-D missiles to threaten the US Navy’s aircraft carrier practising there. Even if an agreement is reached between India and China, it will take a long time to remove these missiles from Aksai Chin. Analysts believe that China is fighting a psychological war with India.

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On the other hand, Indian military sources said, ‘The Indian Army is not bothered at all by the psychological warfare of the PLA. The Indian Army is also ready to respond to the worst situation. Even if China has missiles targeting all of India and has a large number of them, the Indian Army is also ready to respond. Defence affairs specialist Brahma Chelani says China’s medium-range missiles are equipped with nuclear weapons but have also built conventional warheads. These Chinese missiles can do a lot of damage in a non-nuclear attack.

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China doubles the number of airbases in Tibet

Let us know that China has doubled the number of airbases in its area along the Line of Actual Control in the last three years. In addition, the number of air defence positions and heliports has also been doubled to hit Indian aircraft and missiles. China made this preparation just before creating tension in Ladakh, due to which its intention is now coming out in the open. These Chinese military bases are directly impacting Indian security. The preparations for China’s military bases were made just before the Ladakh standoff, indicating that this ongoing tension in eastern Ladakh is part of a larger effort to regain control of China’s border areas.

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Source: navbharattimes.indiatimes.com

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