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Canada Election Result: Justin Trudeau will become the Prime Minister of Canada for the third time, but this time also missed the majority

In Canada, 49-year-old Liberal leader Justin Trudeau has been set to become Prime Minister for the third time in a row. (Photo: Reuters)

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wins third term: Canada’s Liberal leader Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has once again won the election. But this time too he is two steps away from the majority. But 49-year-old charismatic leader Justin Trudeau is set to become prime minister for the third time in a row after the main opposition Conservative Party accepted defeat. After the election results were out, Justin Trudeau said that the people of Canada have given a clear mandate in favor of his party. Addressing the people of the country, he said, “You have given us a clear mandate to work again.”

Trudeau became prime minister for the first time in 2015

49-year-old Justin Trudeau is the son of former Canadian Prime Minister and Liberal leader Pierre Trudeau. Justin Trudeau first became Prime Minister of Canada in 2015 with a landslide majority. But despite the victory in the 2019 elections, he remained away from the majority. During the Corona epidemic, the Prime Minister of Canada and his government did a great job. His government spent a budget equal to 23 percent of GDP to deal with the epidemic and the economic crisis arising out of it. Not only this, Trudeau has also promised to implement plans worth billions of dollars to further strengthen the economy after his re-election.

Good job during corona pandemic

Due to this work done during the Corona epidemic, Trudeau felt that if he conducts elections now, he can once again increase his political stature by getting a majority. This is the reason that despite not being a threat to his government, he announced to hold elections two years before the scheduled time. But his bet of holding elections in 2021 instead of 2023 was not completely successful. Although he got some more seats than last time, but the majority figure is still far away. Analysts say that despite being satisfied with Trudeau’s performance, the huge increase in his seats did not happen because many people did not think his decision to hold early elections during the pandemic was right.

Conservative Party conceded defeat

However, according to Election Canada, the Canadian election body, Trudeau’s Liberal Party won 158 seats, 12 less than the 170 seats needed for a majority in the 338-seat House of Commons. Nevertheless, it is a matter of relief for Trudeau that the main opposition party, the Conservative Party, has accepted its defeat after winning just 119 seats.

Conservative Party leader Erin O’Toole conceded defeat even before the results were formally announced, saying that votes and support for us have increased across the country, but the results clearly show that we have yet more to win the confidence of Canadians. Gotta work.

There will be no problem in running the government despite the minority

According to experts, despite being in a minority, Trudeau’s Liberal Party is expected to get support on the basis of policies from parties like the New Democratic Party, which leans towards the left. Trudeau’s previous government, despite being in a minority, has been working without any crisis, in view of which he is expected to have no problem in running the government in future also.

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