Brazil: Jair Bolsonaro’s flying joke, people who came to get vaccination become ‘crocodile’ on the statement of vaccine

Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro had said that people would become crocodiles if they were vaccinated. After this, people have made fun of him by wearing a crocodile costume.

A person wearing a snake’s dress came to get the vaccine

The President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, is being mocked in his own country for his vaccination. Bolsonaro said last year that those who get the vaccine will become crocodiles. At the same time, now people wearing crocodile and snake dress are reaching to get the vaccine. Klinger Duarte Rodrigues is one of such people who arrived wearing a snake dress to get the vaccine. Rodrigues’s relative had died due to Corona. Seeing the dress worn by her, it became viral on social media.

People in the country are criticizing the government for not handling Corona properly. So far 5.45 lakh people have died due to corona in Brazil. Apart from this, most of the deaths have occurred due to slow pace of vaccination and delay in buying the vaccine. Because of this, Bolsonaro is on the target of the people. An environmentalist said that if the government had procured the vaccines faster, today many people would be with their loved ones. This is the reason that there is a lot of resentment among the people about the policies made by the government regarding Corona.

What did Jair Bolsonaro say?

Last year, Bolsonaro disrupted the vaccination campaign by purchasing an insufficient number of vaccines. After this, he himself refused to get the vaccine. Bolsonaro claimed that people would become crocodiles if they were vaccinated. After this remark of the Brazilian President, he was criticized in the country as well as in the world. People said that by making such a statement, Bolsonaro has created fear among the people about getting the vaccine. Significantly, since the beginning of the epidemic, the President was also accused of not showing seriousness in the efforts to rein in it.

Number of corona infected reached close to 20 million in Brazil

At the same time, cases of coronavirus are increasing rapidly in Brazil. According to the Ministry of Health, the number of infected in the country has increased to 1,96,32,443. According to the ministry, the death toll is more than 5.45 lakh. Brazil is second only to America in terms of the number of corona deaths. In America, more than six lakh people have lost their lives to COVID. The World Health Organization (WHO) declared Corona a global pandemic on 11 March 2020. Since then, more than 190 million people have been infected worldwide.

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